Nov 10, 2010

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I watched this movie (only) about a month or so back. I had somehow forgotten to blog about it. I have no explanation for either of the preceding two statements.

Until I watched this movie, whenever I used to think about Jim Carrey, what came up in my mind is “The Mask” and the fact that I hated the movie. Stupid. That’s the word. I think I have also watched “23” sometime in the past. That revealed a darker shade of Jim Carrey. But still, the word remained the same—stupid. One word refer to an actor who portrayed such a fantastic character in Eternal Sunshine.

I had a very similar reaction to Kate Winslet and had slapped her (along with the fantastic Leonardo DiCaprio) as an eternal clich├ęd romantic, after having seen enough of footage from The Titanic without ever having watched the movie. That’s how commercial blockbusters can ruin the image of wonderfully talented actors. I have the habit of stereotyping—why, because my mind is not exactly spotless.

Anyway, I watched Eternal Sunshine, and I have one word to describe it. Whatay! Everything in this movie—the concept, the screenplay, the characters, and acting—is, unfortunately I have to use that word again, spotless! A technology to erase specific memories about people from your mind for a price? Priceless! How easy it would have been for us to deal with breakups and fall in love with the same person all over again without having any memories of past trauma!

This is sci-fi and drama combining at its best. Something close to Inception, I would say. I am rating it 4.5 stars! Bravo Jim and Kate! You have given me a new perspective to stereotype you with!

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