Nov 29, 2010

The biggest gig of my life

As I sit near the jamming pad waiting for my band's turn to rehearse, I get time to breathe and look back at the last week or so. The schedule was/is back-breaking. A three-hour rehearsal everyday for two weeks. Yes, I'm preparing for the biggest gig of my career - not with Shor Bazaar or Cirkles, but with Pralay at Independence Rock XXV.

Pralay is a hard rock act that shot to fame with a nomination for a Grammy in 2004 in the world music category. Since then, the band has undergone many lineup changes. Their lead vocalist has left the band now the vocals are handled by the guitar player who's no Dave Mustaine. They have some of their songs in very Indian sounding scales and modes - D phrygian, for example.

I did a couple of freelancing gigs in 2009 with them. It was a strange experience because the music was unfamiliar and the band was not as tight as one should be. This time around, however, things are much better with a good combination at work in the drum/rhythm section.

We are sharing the stage with the behemoths of the rock/metal scene in Mumbai - Bhayanak Maut, Scribe, Demonic Resurrection, Indus Creed are the other bands. Throw in Axetortion featuring best guitarists from around the country and the rebranded Dinosaurs of Rock, the line-up is pretty intimidating. I hope that we can match up with the big guns and give a decent show.

The event happens this Sunday at Chirtrakoot grounds, just across the road from my apartment. I also happen to be playing alongside my heroes and drummers who have played with Shor Bazaar - Sidd Coutto and Jai Row Kavi - who are playing with the Dinosaurs of Rock and Indus Creed, respectively.

Wish me luck. Wish us luck.


leenpawS said...

the stage beckons
you hear the call
so play the tunes right
and rule them all

for time will come yet
when silence shall rule
but until then
play the tunes loud
for both man and mule

Kris Bass said...



Another Kiran In NYC said...

Good luck! I bet your gig will be a smash hit.

Kris Bass said...

Thanks! :)