Aug 1, 2010

Oversleeping yet again

I fucked up. Yet again thanks to my alarm clock. Yesterday morning, I was supposed to get up at six thirty, take a shower, and head to my office where a bus would have been ready to take us all to a picnic. I was so looking forward to it -- to spend a couple of days with the fun-nest of colleagues that you can expect to find. I had neatly sorted out the different set of clothes and other thinkgs that I needed to bring on my bed and had gone to bed, albeit late in the night, on the couch watching a movie.

My friends must have called me to wake me up a dozen times or something. I didn't wake up. My alarm clock had given up on me once more. This time, more permanently -- the battery case had been broken and there is no possible way to fix it -- and I slept through until after 9 'O Clock, much later than the scheduled departure.

I was so friggin' ashamed that I didn't feel like answering their messages and calls. I went back to sleep. I don't know how I can face them tomorrow. I'm such a jerk! :-( The only good thing to have happened is that I got to spend close to 12 hours yesterday and today to sleep and I would be refreshed for work tomorrow.

But, what's wrong with me? Is it the pills that I'm taking? Is it the increased stress at work? Or am I growing lazier?


raining words said...

You are such a sweetheart, we forgive you. :*

Kris Bass said...

Oh, thank you dear! :)