Aug 22, 2010

Movies that I have watched in the last month or so

I've been lazy as a couch over the last month or so. On most days, I would wake up late, reach office late, and then make up excuse to come home and catch the 9 'O Clock movie on the telly. On a couple of occasions, I ventured up to check out movies on the big screen. So here's a list of movies that I have watched -- the list is far from complete, but this is what I can remember.

Minority Report
: Loved the concept, but Tom Cruise left a lot to be desired. (3*)

Coraline: Fantastic, dark, horror movie. Cartoons can be dark too! (4*)

K-Pax: Kevin Spacey and the cast did a wonderful job. But I would have loved Prote (Spacey) to have been actually from K-Pax (3*)

Push: This has concepts ranging from Matrix to Inception. But somehow the plot and direction fails to deliver. Must watch for sci-fi addicts like me. (2.5*)

Preadators: I love the Aliens series but haven't watched Preadator 1 or 2. Yet, I loved this movie and its outlandish plot! (3.5*)

Despicable Me: The cream of the lot. This how animated movies should be made! (4.5*)

Death at a Funeral: There is something about British accents that make this movie funnier than it is. But hilarious nonetheless (3.5*)

PhoneBooth: Fantastic, fantastic drama. This is Colin Farrell at his best, I think, from what I have seen! (4*)
Eagle Eye: Fantastic concept, but too much of action and predictable ending. (3*)

Rumor Has It: What's a rom com doing here. Basically to prove that I can watch them. Yeah and one more thing, if I were Aniston, I would have lived happily ever after with Costner! (3.5*)
Surrogates: Interesting, implausible concept. Bruce Willis is hot though. (3*)

Terminator Salvation: For a guy who hasn't watched Terminator 1 and 2 completely, but knows the entire story line by heart, this movie still gives the kicks. I love the reverse-engineering concepts and the time-travel things (which I think have been copied from X-men: the animated series) (3*)
How To Lose Friends and Alienate People: I watched this movie in bits, and I think that's what it deserves. (2.5*)
Up: A Pixar classic. Nothing more to be said! (4.5*)

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