May 12, 2009

My only wish

There have been innumerable instances of people writing about their wishes. From fairy tales to puranas, from poets to bloggers, people have written countless paragraphs on what they wish. Some wish for a change on a grander sacle; reduction of global warming, or the end of a civil war. However, some others, poorer souls like me, are selfish.

Like me, they want change in their own lives. Change in terms of success, wealth, marital bliss, and so forth. Yeah, I'm a sucker too. But I don't think I am going to ask for all that. I would want to wish for one thing.

I wish for a big, fat eraser to wipe away my past. To start afresh. To forget all the pain that I have endured. To fall asleep without twisting and turning through the entire night. To enjoy the present without worrying.

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~junkie said...

It's funny how i was thinking along the same lines today.. :) To erase all those painful mistakes and memories from my psyche.

But, as it was portrayed in the movie Eternal Sunshine ... , i believe that with no memory whatsoever of the past we would end up following the same ol' path, commit the same mistakes etc. The fleeting presence of memory (albeit, painful) ensures that we know where we failed. Maybe it does chalk out a clearer road map for us, in terms of what works and what doesn't.

Just my 2 cents.. :) Nice blog btw.