May 17, 2009

6-day cycle

Vinokur observed this first. My depressive cycles are 5-7 days long. This time, probably the worst ever, lasted 7 days. I don't exactly know what triggers it on and off. I feel much better now despite nothing really changing in my life. Vinokur thinks that I should seek for help. Lithium, in his opinion, could be the magic bullet.

For me, with my set of friends, this should be easy. But I can't make myself do it. The last time I went on anti-depressants, I had to discontinue because of the expenses of drugs. I know Lithium isn't that expensive and I could technically try it. But then, I would have to do regular blood tests for monitoring the serum level.

I'm not going to afford that. Also, I'm not going to find time for that. Just forget it.

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Dev said...

hi kris...

i know something that will help u get over all this.. :)

will drop u a mail. your email address pls?

much love..