Jan 29, 2009

The airport date

Most people, including the hoards of gay-bois that I know, agreed that having a date at the railway station was weird. Those who were aware of the rituals of cruising went on to describe how lowly I had become by opting to ‘make-out’ with a stranger at a railway station urinal which of could I would'nt (and I didn't). One of my friends even advised me to be ‘safe’ as such persons couldn’t be trusted and might be ‘carriers’. I don’t know what to say to them.

Anyway, the same person who I had a date with gave me an message yesterday. ‘Kris, I’m going to ‘an undisclosed destination’ and I’m flying via Mumbai. I’ll be free for a few hours before I catch my connecting flight. Can we meet up?’ I was startled. I couldn’t have said no. He had brought me that wonderful multi-course meal to be had on that night in the train and I had to somehow return the hospitality. But there was a problem – I had something important scheduled for the same day. I had to go finish some formalities at the hospital.

I replied saying that I’d love to meet on the condition that he had to come to my hospital. He agreed. We met today outside my hospital. I was surprised that he had virtually no luggage with him despite him being on an extended tour. We had a cozy lunch at one of my favorite (cheap-ass) restaurants near the hospital. After I finished my work at the hospital, we walked around Dadar for an hour or so talking about stuff with a subtle undercurrent of flirting.

This guy is a very handsome, mustachioed, literate gentleman who looks like an Asura or Rakshasa who are the bad guys in Indian mythology. When he was talking to me about a recent photo-shoot in which he was dressed up like a Ravana, I had found the answer to my age old question from my childhood. Why did Sita run off with Ravana (in Ramayana)? Not surprising to me! Ravana was this raging, scalding hot, hirsute beauty! And so are the rest of the asuras. So was this guy!

But soon, it was time for him to catch his plane. I went with him to the airport which resulted in me helping him avoid the mishap of missing the flight as he had mistakenly thought that the boarding time was an hour later than what’s printed on the ticket. I felt cruel. To both of us. Before he went inside the terminal, we agreed to spend a little more ‘intimate’ time the next time we meet. Let’s hope I can experience my childhood fantasy of making out with an Asura soon.

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