Jul 3, 2007

Ray's clairvoyance

It's been a long time since I posted about my friends. My justifying sense made me search for excuses for this behaviour. I could think of many clever ones for people like Chuck, May etc. But when it comes to Ray, I can't lie. His life is so interesting it makes my life look inert. And by his life I mean sex life.

The last time I posted about him, he was having this controversial emotional relationship with a guy who was insisting that being gay is sinful. Since then, apart from a host of cruising experiences in the buses and cinema halls of inland Kerala, he has had sex with two Dads from SilverDaddies.com and has had the most interesting of all 'hit-on's on the road.

SilverDaddies.com is such a life-changing event in our lives. Once Ray had to travel to another state to have sex with a senior who has a farm house. That even was far from satisfying.

The latest Dad from SilverDaddies.com is an authentic, cream of the crop, quintessential Mallu Dad who, justifiably demonstrating the amazingly blessed 'down-under' department, has 'named' himself as the organ which he is apparently famous for. His organ is so famous that he's a virtual 'call-man'. He gets calls from famous personalities and ministers, a few of whom I would die to have sex with. Or so he claims. I can't divulge any names here.

Coming to think of it, because he was narrating his past experiences to Ray whilst cuddling in between two episodes of passionate love-making, there is no real point in lying about it. What it does confirm that Kerala is full of men in lust of other men. Probably confirming the coastal state as the Ground Zero of gay sex in India.

If you are wondering what the title of this post is about, you'd have got a clue as to how he senses the opportunity to have a pass at anyone who's worth it. Someone else did the vice-versa on him. Picture this. This happened three weeks earlier on a wet evening at Cochin. Ray got out of a movie theatre and is waiting to cross the road to go to the bus stop. He has an umbrella and it's raining steady.

As he was about to step to the road, an elderly gentle man in dhoti/shirt and all, suddenly walks up and asks if Ray could help him cross the road dry under the umbrella. Ray says yes. If it were to be taken in a Hollywood flick, the rest of the scene would be in super slo-mo.

'Thanks for giving me a 'lift' under your umbrella. You have been nice to me.'

'It's not a big deal. I was just trying to help.'

'You are a handsome young man. If you don't mind I would love to suck you off sometime.'

'Uh.. wha..'

'Yes. Right now if you want it. We can go somewhere you know.'

The funny thing is that they are not yet even halfway across the 2 lane road they were supposedly crossing. The elderly gentleman decides to get a little physical.

He puts an arm around Ray's waist and says 'I want to do this now.'

'Errr, I'm not that sure.'

'No, don't say no. Please agree.' He presses harder.

Ray's dumbstruck. Fate's playing with him. All these years, he would do the same thing to get all the fantastic experiences that he's had. Now someone's hitting on him in the middle of the road.

The man grabs his hand and presses hard. Ray starts feeling uncomfortable.

They finally cross the road. And this man raises his voice. Ray is so scared that he decides it's better to go.

'I'm sorry. I'm not interested right now. Sorry.' and rushes to the bus parked at the stand.

WOW! This is why Kerala is the spot on India to start cruising!

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Tapak said...

This remembers old times . :) Kerala is the happening place. Expecially mallu men in Dhotis looks very hot. But when it comes to talking openly , it is the most difficult place in India.
keep posting. hugs..