Sep 4, 2011

Indians are ‘donkeys’

!ncredible India. !ncredible media. !ncredible Indians. !ncredibly humorless. !ncredibly silly. !ncredibly shallow.

Nasser Hussain used the term ‘donkeys’ to refer to a few Indian cricketers – it’s a cricketing slang used in England to refer to cricketers who are tardy on the field.

The Indian media and some of the former greats of the game have gone overboard and have criticized Nasser Hussain for insulting Indians. Virat Kohli was offended too

This is just bullshit. Even if Nasser meant it in the way Indians mean when they call each other ‘donkeys’, you should take in the spirit and not whine.

Nasser, sure didn’t mean that. But the way some of us overreacted to this, I’m sure we ended up letting the term imply the meaning that we thought it meant.


Rambler said...

I agree with you partially, I do agree that we need to take it in the spirit. However I would like to pose one question, if a similar thing was said by an Indian commentator on any other player, how do you think the reaction of the world would be?.

The problem is the double standards..

Kris Bass said...

I think the reaction would have been less exaggerated!


Anonymous said...

I think its very inappropriate to call players any names, even if it was unintentional or was for humor. if you are on tv/radio it is important to watch your mouth, and calling names to players of countries other than your own is very inappropriate. If it was blown out of proportion its a good thing, if we take it lightly tomorrow he will call our players something else. So getting into another argument in the future as to what name callings are appropriate and what are not, its a good thing to stop the name calling at the very beginning rather than waiting for a time when someone gets called something really bad by someone in the future. if you are a commentator please be civilized and behave professionally while you are on tv/radio, you can call people names in private among your friends. sometimes when you take things in spirit you might be taken for granted or taken for a fool, so its better to make it clear in the very beginning that use of such words is not appropriate.