Sep 18, 2011


I don’t think anyone really understands how relationships work. The ups and downs, the arguments and misunderstandings, and communication.

A year or so ago, I met a wonderful man from France online. We got to be great friends and met in real life. We even had periods of infatuation for each other.

Today, I closed the lid on our friendship after a series of exchanges that made me feel that he was taking my love/kindness for granted. I feel empowered to have taken the decision myself.

So, good luck, my friend. I hope this post will be a warning and a reminder for me and my friends to not take anyone for granted.


Jackdaw said...

There will always be periods in relationships when it looks like the other is taking you for granted. That means either there is something wrong with the communication, or you're right. In the latter case there is often a good reason for it that has nothing to do with the relationship and might very well be temporary. Did you try to find out the reason? Honestly, if instead bad communication is the underlying the problem then the relationship is doomed.

Gay man in Delhi said...

I totally understand.

Kris Bass said...

Jackdaw, I don't think bad communication was the problem. Mistrust was the issue.

Delhi, I agree!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am right there where I am being taken for granted yet am trying to hold on... not in 1 but 2 friendships. Saner minds tell me to call it quits. One I have been able to distance myself the other I don't know. I am devastated! Tired of the arguments, misunderstandings. Right now feeling extremely lonely, used and depressed. :(