Oct 30, 2010

On my reading shelf

Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

If I remember correctly, this is my third effort to read this classic by Rushdie which has won the Booker of Bookers. I got a decent print from my favorite roadside bookseller a few months back and this time the reading is going on well. Many people have said that they could not get through more than a few pages a Rushdie book. To all of them, I suggest that they try this one.

Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City – Bombay Lost and Found

I got a copy of this from my office colleague from whom I got Persepolis. I just started it and I don’t have any distinct opinion about the book yet. But all I can say is that I can relate to it a lot, having been in Mumbai (or should I say Bombay) for five years!

Victor Wooten’s The Music Lesson

A lot of my friends mistook my messages on Twitter and FaceBook about me starting this Victor Wooten book thinking that I had downloaded a video lesson by him. For those who are unaware who Victor Wooten is, please check this amazing musician’s profile out on Wikipedia. This was gifted by a dear friend of mine, a fellow musician, with whom I have spent a few glorious months in Mumbai. I have gone through half of this book mostly during my daily travel up and down to office from my apartment. I’m about halfway through the book and I’m already bugged by the spirituality part of the book.

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