Oct 13, 2010

I become an uncle

Half a year ago, I was all excited about the prospect of becoming an uncle. I was happy to share the news with everyone at my office and was generally looking forward to being an uncle. But things have changed for the worse, again.

Today, my sister delivered a baby girl. My sister sent me a message early in the morning saying that she's starting to get labor pains. She had called me later in the morning, when I was still asleep. From then on, I remained incommunicado with my family except through SMS. I didn't pick up calls from anyone - including those from my parents and brother-in-law informing me about the baby being born at around 6.14 pm (my Dad's SMS told me that -- he's an astrologer, you see).

It must have been the shame that made me do it. Shame of having let down my sister and my family, of not being there when she needed it. Shame of being a failure in life. Shame of having thrown away the best opportunities that I have had. This shame is parallel to my mental state which wreaks of negativity.

The drugs aren't so effective after all.


Anonymous said...

This is the part which I am most interested in... "Shame of having thrown away the best opportunities that I have had." I would appreciate if you can do a post on that where you describe what opportunities you think were the most important that you didnt pay proper attention and what made you do that.

Kris Bass said...

I will consider elaborating on that soon.