Feb 6, 2009

The postponement of the job

I was supposed to start my new ‘desk-job’ on the 2nd of this month. I got a call from the firm where I’m going to be working in the last week of January informing me that they are not recruiting freshers until mid-February as they want to get a few others as a ‘batch’. More efficient training, you see. My immediate reaction was normal.

A conversation with my sister this evening added some suspicion to this new development. She was wondering if they would finally end up saying that they are not hiring any more personnel citing the recession as the reason. After the conversation, even I started wondering if there was something more than just an inefficient training situation.

But it has given me the ‘breathing space’ that I required. Now that the third active band has also surfaced, I was struggling to find time to incorporate another set of songs to my set-lists of songs to play. Besides, I needed more time to run around for certificates. Thinking positively about unexpected developments in life is a good way to deal with the ordeal. I guess!

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Anonymous said...

Recession in the Medical field?? That cannot be happening!