Feb 5, 2009

Mobile Internet craze

My ISP has been shitty lately. I haven’t had ‘real’ Internet for over a week now. This post, when I’m typing it, is pre-dated and is being posted over ‘real’ Internet of course. Otherwise, the paucity of the updates to the blog can be attributed to the ISP situation.

The faithful readers of my blog might remember some of the tales about mice infestation in my building. This is one more anecdote. Eat this! I’m not getting Internet because mice have chewed away parts of the internet data cable on top of my building. The technicians from my ISP weren’t aware of the magnitude of the problem until yesterday. Now, they are trying to find the extent of the damage so that they can plan on relaying the cables. Incredible, isn’t it? I’m talking in 2009 from Mumbai!

During such outages, because I have GPRS and also because I’m a bit of an Internet addict, I manage to carry out most of my tasks on my PDA. Because I’m the internet PR person for the bands that I play with, and because the other band members are kinda lazy, I end up needing to do it a lot. Obviously, I can’t say to someone that I didn’t read their e-mail for ‘n’ number of days because I didn’t have internet. That, in this age of advanced of communications, is unacceptable.

Ironically, it’s more fun to do the social networking thing (and by that term I refer to FaceBook and only FaceBook) on the phone. The designers of FaceBook know perfectly well that is the case and they seem to be developing even more features for mobile phone users. At the same time, Orkut  (despite it’s wonderful affiliations with Google, it doesn’t even load properly on mobile phone browsers like Opera mini) is dying. Apart from social networking and e-mail, when you also have the wonderful option of using Wikipedia and Google Maps on your phone, it’s very tempting to overuse/abuse it!

The only problem though, is the price that  I have to pay for my Vodafone bill!

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