May 30, 2005

Another week

This week was pretty hectic. But I don't know why? I didn't even time to get decent sleep despite the fact that the workload (comparative that is) was lesser. But, I had a change of wards and therefore, change of patients. I had to familiarize with new things. That might be why!

After coming to Mumbai and working in a hospital, the first thing that struck me was that people regard you as someone who's not as good as the regular Mumbaikar. I have blogged about discrimination. That was bugging me. But this week, the patients in the ward where I used to work opened out to me and I was glad that they were appreciating me. They liked the way I worked and tried to be one amongst them. That's just like how it used to be back in my home place. And I felt great!

... and I feel wonderful tonight!

Strangely, that was the day when I was asked to change wards. But then, I'll get used to it. Along with that, my grasp of spoken hindi is improving fast. That is working good for me.

But at the same time, I'm having a sickening feeling that my English is going down because I'm not able to interact properly in English with my colleagues. And like Faustus, I'm having to struggle to remember more words.

My FM receiver, which I loved, stopped working this week. But I got another one, this time not portable, to listen to in my room.

And today, I got my prize! A Creative Zen Micro with an FM tuner, Voice Recorder and an organizer! I think it's awesome! Let me check it out in full!

Nothing queer happening in the last 8 days! And... I'll be back later!

May 23, 2005

After my first GB event

The last two weeks have been really hectic. Lots of work. Lots of impending work. Apart from the fact that the hospital sytem which is managed in such a way that only the junior residents work sucks, everything else is fine.

But the most important thing in the two weeks has been the fact that I went to my first GB meeting. And man it was awesome! I was given a gracious lift by my friend Dr. P. There were two of his friends/ GB members in the car as well. The conversation which transpired hit me like a fucken dart in between my eyes. It was so gay! I mean, even gayer than what I and Ray end up talking about.

Inside the bar where we met for brunch, I was so amazed to see the number of active GB members! Everyone was friendly. Everyone had a smile. And everyone was so gay! So much of cohesiveness in thinking. I can't believe it. And I even eyed some delectable hunks in there. I didn't yet make a date cuz I know I'll be too busy for that kinda thing!

Then there was this awesome movie - 'Mambo Italiano'. It is simply so funny! Funny with lots of common life situations that I encounter in my life. I'm too sad to not stick on till the end of the meeting where Speed Dating (something inspired by the movie 'Hitch' and some gay-games took place.

In one sentence - It was so frigging awesome!

May 11, 2005

After a week at the hospital

Whoa! I'm already a week old resident in the biggest mother-of-all Orthopaedic teaching hospitals in the country. And it is not at all as worse as people think it would it be. This is why

  • About 5 hours of sleep on average.
  • Lots and lots of work ethic.
  • The wonderful feeling of not having to live with those who you know you shouldn't ideally fight with but you cannot help but fight with ie. The Parents.

But, totally surprising is the fact that my own medical college of my graduation had more patient load, more opportunities etc. But the work ethic here is quite tremendous. It is demanding. But you don't realize how you are inseminated with lots of work ethic without doing anything. You can be so sure about what you are doing after three years of this work that it is that good!

But, I see a lot of points to be improved. A total lack of managerial logic in work management is the pivotal downpoint in the whole deal. Thereby, we lose a lot of time. But serve a couple of hundred pounds of egotistic heads on 50 pound bodies. Per day per person that is.

Then, the co-workers aren't friendly like in homeland. They are kind of rude, insensitive and arrogant and have a bias against those from outside their own land. Then, the patients are so pissing me off by the amazing lack of manners.

Life is good. I have had a gruelling week but still am able to remain positive. I have started shagging. Great men could be found here as well.

Three cheers!

May 5, 2005

It had to end

As far as I know about life, things can't be going up and up like there is no gravity. Yeah, that applies to life as well. Why so?

Dig this - My favorite career, My favorite place in India, My favorite friend to jam with and my favorite thing to do in my spare time. Whoa, am in heaven. Well, apparently no. But was close.

Anyways, it ended. A court case with so much of bullshit thrown into it and converted into cowdung ruined my admission procedure in the hospital. I, along with about 40 others had to spend a massive sum to a lawyer to fight it out in the Supreme court to get a stay on an order by the Bombay high court which cancelled our admission procedure.

Finally, when it was over, I was 3 days junior to those who passed examination one year later. Screwed up? Yes! Totally.

But, I thought I managed pretty well in the situation. I wasn't too depressed. I don't know why. But I was like that. And I'm proud of it. I actually co-ordinated the haphazard communication between guys in two metros and stuff. Yeah, I did that.

As to WHY I felt okay when my whole damn bloody career was at risk? Cuz my Mom bitched about how I was such a moronic, idiotic, useless, worthless son when I told her my situation. She told me I deserved it. The moment I heard it, I felt great. Yeah, it was the same old vengeance to prove her wrong. Again, again and again.