Jan 27, 2007

Whole day at the computer

Yesterday, on a day when, I was supposed to be doing my emergency, I was asked to simply do research and sit on the computer to make a powerpoint presentation for my professor. I am not denying that I find it fun to make presentation. But still, to leave everything else (including skipping out of our ER duty), is not fair.

My professor finally came to the hospital at 12.30 AM (yes!). From then on, I and he worked on the presentation till 6 AM. I was impressed with his concentration and his concepts etc. He was warm and nice to me as well.

But every impression that I had changed (I am ashamed to admit it) after one silent, smelly fart that he emitted. Oh, I felt puking when I smelt it.

He had to catch a plane at 7.50 AM and at 6 AM we found out that the PowerPoint Presentation that we had made was not running properly in Office XP. I got the scare of my life.

The rest of the morning was spent in finding a way out. It was so draining. Finally, by 12.30 PM I managed to send another presentation altogether.

Then in the evening, I hung out with S. We ended up walking and talking a lot. We ate a lot of dhaba food at a very pretty circle in South Mumbai.

I was so tired after I came back that I slept off immediately.

Jan 25, 2007

And Shade becomes history

Today, after about a month of hope, Shade has finally disbanded. Like any other day we had met for a jam session. Xander was on a drinking spreee. Despite that, the jam session went on very very well. But then, we tried developing one of our songs. A new argument ensued. Another disagreement. Ego clashes.

Finally Xander said that he wouldn't write lyrics for anybody else's songs. I tried my best to talk him out of the stupid things he was saying. But then at the end of it all, he led me and S. out of the apartment and said 'This is it. We are no longer part of the band. Don't ever step into my life again'.

I am very sad. S. says he was expecting this. Now Xander wants me to take my stuff away from the apartment that we share. He wants me to get off this life.

I think I'll get my stuff out by this weekend.

I'm very sad!

Jan 24, 2007

Another mess

Today was a bad day. A day which began so well wouldn't usually end up so bad in my life at least. After yesterday's jam session, I got up early enough to reach the OT early. I did everything I was supposed to do and still I managed to get enough time to read up about a case which I was going to operate in the afternoon.

The first surgery, in which I got to just assist instead of operating, went on smoothly. No issues. The second case was a case of fracture surgical neck of humerus which I had never done or assisted doing. It was another case where the patient was Hepatitis B positive.

This meant that my seniors didn't even have the courtesy to come in the OT to guide me. And it was a struggle. It was a difficult case and in between, my colleague had to wash out because he got a prick.

Although I managed to pull off the plating, it was not satisfying. I was very irritated with the inadquate assistance that I'm getting from the sisters and my juniors. There was no good image intensification (fluroscopy ) as well.

Anyway, that added up to my 'blues'. I wanted to jam badly to relieve me from my worries. I called Xander and fixed up an appointment.

But then, my junior fucked things up by screwing my evening round. He hadn't completed most of the work that was suppsoed to do. And he had stupid explanations for all that he hasn't done.

After all that, I got a call from my uncle back home about the condition of the sick Aunt admitted in a hospital with appendicitis. Apart from that, he had news about my Mom and Dad not listening to him about the stupidity that they are about to commmit (buying a new home).

Everything was so gloomy. I got late for our jam session. But then, we talked about my problems life. We also talked about Xander's problems and S.' problems. And after all that, we jammed.

Then we had Mallu food. Wow, what fish curry!

Now, I'm sitting on the computer without reading my text book (which I'm supposed to read) or completing the computer work for my professor!

My roomie is sleeping peacefully!

Jan 23, 2007

New Room Partner

Fuck! I can't believe this is happening. Happened rather. One of my seniors has just moved into my room. No C2C now. No porn and open shagging! Oh my! How I already miss my freedom.

Jan 20, 2007

Back to haydays of jamming

This week saw the return of Shade, the band. Yes, we are jamming better than ever. And the best part is that we are having more fun than ever before. We are having food and watching movies together. I don't know what pulled the trigger for the change.

One particular thing was that I and Xander, the two unstable guys were in a good mood all throughout the week. This, despite the fact that Xander had a few of his friends visit which, as usual, led to chaos.

And besides, GS was on tour and was not at the apartment. I now understand the fact that we can also jam nice and tight if we are behaving better due to our circumstances.

Jan 15, 2007

Anatomy Department

I found this amazingly stupid message board hanging in front of the Anatomy Dissection hall. This has got to be the worst ever caption ever made to grab the attention of teenager joining med school. I mean, look at it.

For those who don't understand - 'atmi' is supposed to be the 'soul' in Hindi. Worser than that, 'atmi' could be a spin-off of 'admi' meaning 'person' in hindi. The prefix 'an' in Hindi means 'the opposite of'. Now take a look at it again!

Don't you feel like puking?
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Jan 14, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

After yesterday's late night jamming session I wanted to come and enjoy some C2C action with my latest craze Jack from the US. But he wasn't online and I was so tired that people on my personal website (watching me on cam) asked me to go and sleep.

I broke of hibernation when Parry rang me up for some personal medical problem for his girlfriend. By the way, I don't think I ever mentioned her on this blog yet. I'll refer to her as Cotton. I've met Cotton just twice and spoke to her a cuople of time over the phone. But I have heard about her a lot about how cheerful and sporty she is. I think she is really one fun-loving person.

She already knows that I'm gay and she also knows that I have had a mini-crush on Parry at least once. In fact she knows that we guys (Xander, me, S and Parry) always pull my leg by saying that I'm hitting on Parry. She accepted that in a sporty way! Way to go lady!

Back to my life; my sleep. I slept till late afternoon after which I had some food. I watched the rest of the Toy Story 2. I really, think that it doesn't live upto the expectations of the Toy Story. The best part for me was the three martian dolls at the fag end of the movie saying 'You save our lives. We are eternally grateful.'

Then, believe it or not, I started watching another movie called 'Primal Fear'. I hadn't even heard of such a movie and because of my eternal grogginess during weekends these days, I slept watching the beginning of the movie itself.

Thankfully, I came around at around 5.30 pm and ordered for a coffee and started reading the Sunday Times. I wandered off to the glitzy movie page and I jumped off the bed when I saw that 'Blood Diamond' was running in a cheap, classy movie theatre at South Mumbai at 7.30 pm. I rang up S. immediately as we had discussed yesterday about watching this movie.

He was ready but Xander, who was working over the weekend, and Parry had plans to go to the Musician's Mall and jam like we had done two weekends back. But I couldn't resist the offer of watching an awesome movie on a Sunday evening. So, I finished my hospital rounds for the day in a flash and picked S. on the way to the movie.

What a crowd it was. And oh, there were so many ho-o-ot looking older men there. I could just drool and drool. We got the '3rd Row from the Screen' seats. That too, wide apart. Yet, it was tremendous fun. Truly, Leonardo DiCaprio justifies every bit of the faith that S. has on his acting. Like Departed, he just acts his way to glory. The supporting cast, I felt, was not as good as that in the Departed. And the story, even though more alarming, was not as gripping.

But who cares. Just a great movie! Wow, we have three awesome movies as contenders for this years' Oscars (Departed, Babel and Blood Diamond).

Then we went back to the apartment and jammed. We jammed songs like 'Pardon Me' and 'Vicarious' - which I never imagined we would end up jamming 4 weeks back when we had almost split. Xander was in a great mood. But there were three friends of Xander who were really pissing us off with the racket they were making.

I took leave at around 3 AM after an amazing movie day!

Jan 13, 2007

Narcoleptic surgeon

What would happen if a narcoleptic surgeon were to operate on a patient? I don't think you would need think of more than a couple of secons for a bloody ending! Like those black comedys!

Imagine what kind of emotions run through me every day when I'm being a colleague to this narcoleptic surgeon? Yes, he is my stupid houseman. I have to somehow bite through the rest of this post to see the last of him.

Today we were operating on a very high-risk (for the surgeons; Seropositive HIV +ve and HBsAg +ve) case of Spinal Tuberculosis. Let me assure you guys, there can't be a riskier case than this for a surgeon. One drop of blood could just ruin our lives as surgeons at least.

Yet, my houseman, who we know by now as having a pathological problem, slept almost through out the surgery. I and my professor woke him up around 80 times. My professor, a straight-forward, honest, hard-working surgeon, was so pissed that he had vowed to write a letter to the Dean of the medical college/hospital complaining about the fact that my junior is unfit for the surgical profession.

After all that 'dark comedy', I found time in the evening to jam with my erstwhile band. Not before I had the most sumptuous dinner at my local Mallu Restaurant.

Having taking a dig at the band, today's jam session was really lovely. Xander was indisposed with a splitting headache. But we three jammed older songs by the Oasis etc. Whoa, it was so much fun!

Jan 10, 2007

Great ad

Sometimes I wish I was as creative as the guys who designed this ad. And sometimes, I feel I could engrave this in the gyri of the brains of my friends like Xander, Parry and Jerry.

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Jan 9, 2007

I love reading in the library

Yesterday night as well, I had slept off like lazy monster. I slept at around 8.30 pm without having had dinner and woke up around 4 AM. I had cybersex and wrote a couple of blog posts and slept to get up at around 8 AM.

I had a busy day at the Operation Theatre. But after that, I had a nice day reminiscing of my days at college. After another nap (oh my god, I think the sleep disorder of my houseman is rubbing off on me), I took a bath. All fresh and smelling nice, I go to library and read some complicated Paediatric Orthopaedics in the library grooving to mp3s on my Creative Zen Micro!

LOVELY! In one word, that is. The great news is that I still throughly enjoy learning.

Jan 8, 2007

These difficult times

On numerous occasions in my residency, I've realied that I don't have time for the important things in life. Like keeping up with my family, dear friends etc. There used to be a time when these were the most important thing in my life. Yet...

In the last couple of weeks, I watched movies and hung out with my gang here. That didn't give me time to catch up with everyone. Today I made up for it and talked to everyone who I had to catch up with. Here's the update.

My sister

She is doing okay at her husband's place. Work schedules and stuff. She got her driving licence recently and is now into driving regularly. She's not yet comfortable with the rush-hour traffic. But she's confident to drop her in-laws to places nearby. I think that is excellent. I'm happy for her.

We haven't restarted talking about the personal problems that she's having with the in-laws and all the sexual problems that she's having. That is quite the best way to go about it I guess.

Apart from that, she's getting time during the weekends to do things that she has always loved. Simple things like embroidery, painting, playing the keyboards etc. I'm so glad that she's finding pleasure in the simple things of life which I always feel are neglected as you grow older.

Chuck, my straight friend

Recently, he lost his dear Dad due to a hemorrhage in the brain. The formalities and the functions are over. He's joined back at work in the hospital from today. But he says that he's not getting used to going back home with no one around.

Along with that, the problems that he's having with his brother's divorce proceedings are also are eating his head. He has to arrange for 5 lakhs of rupees for that by tomorrow morning. That too without letting his brother know that he's arranging for him.

I had called him in the morning and we had a talk for about 10 minutes. But we could't complete it because of hospital rounds at either end. He had called me in the evening to talk. But then I was busy in the OPD. I didn't call back because I slept as soon as I came back to my room.

Ray, my gay friend

I don't know if I have mentioned it, but he's having trouble in the family as well. About 4 weeks back, his mother was admitted to a hospital nearby his home with an episode of Psychosis. Without any triggering event almost. Right now she is delusional with delusions of persecution. He thinks that Ray has been abducted and kidnapped and a friend of his is dressing up and taking care of her.

From his point of view, despite the fact that he's not very close to her, he is suspecting that he's the trigger for her disorder. He had gone to Delhi last month for giving exams. That's when this happened. Another thing is that he took a decision all by himself to take her to a nursing home specializing in Psychiatry. Instead of a normal hospital, where we could run tests to rule out other cause of such problems.

This conversation happened immediately after I had talked to Chuck and putting things to perspective after what had happened with T, yesterday night, I felt so warm to have such friends and such a friend like Ray, who I know in and out!

My parents

My Dad is recovering very well from his traumatic postural vertigo thing. He has started going out for walks with Mom. That's just great. This is about a week after I had talked to them about moving over to Mumbai once I'm done with my residency. I thought they didn't expect that really. But yet, they have already thought of selling our beautiful family home and moving into a shadier place nearby my aunt so that they could be more like the others in the family - more religious, simpler and manageable life - yeah, I think it is screwed up life. I hate my family for putting such thoughts into my parents head.

Mr. Lion

The guy who I had sex with for the first time ever is still on the prowl online; sending new years greetings to every other guy who he had acquainted over the WWW. Superfluous, he might be But still, he's sexy! I love him for the sex he's given me and I'll hit it on with him when I go home this time.

May, my straight girl-friend

The sad part of my friend circle comes up last. She's not picking up my calls yet. Probably is too busy. I miss you May.

Jan 6, 2007

The difficult surgery and headache

Today morning, me and my co-registrar washed up for a surgery that we were unable to pull off the other day at the emergency. It was a relatively rare surgery for our level of experience. And although it was a long-drawn affair, the result was satisfying.

About an hour into the surgery, I had a head-splitting headache which was seriously impairing my surgical show. But, being the leading surgeon, I couldn't wash out until the procedure had been completed. The head-ache is the latest symptom of my Upper Respiratory Infection which has been there for about a month now. I have been very lazy with it. I don't really have time to take care of myself.

Besides that, my idiotic junior slept so much during the day that everyone including my lecturer saw his pathetic state of affairs, and couldn't help but laugh at him. He got so pissed off (with me especially) that he washed out of the surgery without asking anyone.

How idiotic. How stupid! I hope his body rots off in hell before he graduates.

Jan 5, 2007

The day when I slept so much

It has to be the amount of work and stress that each emergency provides me with. Or else, how can anyone explain why I slept so much yesterday. The emergency provided me with umpteen opportunities to get worked up, thanks to the lameness of the juniors. I agree that one of them was relatively unwell like me with my respiratory infection. But that really doesn't serve as any excuse to not treat patients in pain, does it?

Early morning rounds without my seniors made for the occasion of me presenting the round for the first time to my professor. Needless to say, I felt good doing that. I think I did well as well. Pat on my back... atta boy!

After that, another dreary morning with unnecessary chores of the hospital handed out by my unconvincing Associate Professor pushed me to the utmost extremes of tiredeness. Despite that, with a couple of my favorite 'Bread slices and Omleette sandwiches' from the College Canteen gulped down with hot tea, I was energized to see about 8 patients scattered through out the hospital - those patients attended to by us in the emergency, but admitted in their respective wards for more serious conditions like Hemophilia, Intracranial Hemorrhages and Splenic ruptures. (I don't have a clue as to what the readers will understand with all this medical lingo on my personal blog)

I crawled back to my room without having proper lunch and slept instantly. My phone kept buzzing but I didn't have the life to pick it up and answer. Four calls were from one of my dear (hot) servants who had brought fried-fish especially for me caught in his family fishing boat. He was caring enough to come to my room to hand me over the whole metal container of fish fry.

If you know me, you know how crazy I'm over fish. Yet, I put that away safely (because Manohar was on the prowl in my room) and slept. I woke up after 7 hours of sleep at around 10 pm. I ate six pieces of amazing fish and then gave the container to my seniors across my room. I got ready to go to ward. I take my round and then finally head to the preoperative ward to check up on the implants for tomorrow's surgeries.

I head to my room and find Manohar again roaming in the mess below. With him I come up to my room and after a couple of pieces apiece, I fall asleep with him on my belly purring along like a tractor.

Yeah, I sleep for another 6 hours!

Jan 4, 2007

Emergency goes bad to worse

My juniors are meant to die deaths deserved by demons. They act so irresponsibly that I hate them. I'm very emotional when it comes to patient care. I want patients to be attended to properly. I don't want anybody unnecessarily waiting for treatment. And with my co-registrar taking it easy (as in chilling inside - the same way that registars are supposed to chill after they become seniors), it is just me and my stupid juniors to make things happen in the war-front (at the counter were patients are seen and treated).

Yesterday, I was doing practically everything in the emergency (as usual I should add.) Seeing patients, putting down notes, putting plasters etc. Nothing was being done by my lazy juniors.

I hate it. I hate when patients suffer due to their tardiness.

Jan 3, 2007

Amazing Day - Line 6 Low Down

Today was an amazing day in my life. Pre-emergency day and after my duties in I hung out with my friends till late in the night.

Despite the virtual break-up the band, S. had gone to Xander's place a couple of times in the last weekend and was spending time with him. As far as I can see it, I think I don't want this band to break-up. Instead I want another band which would work at least normally like any other band would. Let it be not as talented as the present line up we have.

Whatever! I called S., Parry and Xander. Parry was off work and was heading to Xander's when I had called. He was free. But Xander was unwell with throat infection et al. We decided to check out the new series of amplifiers and Guitar FX processors that the latest guitar shop in town had gotten three days back. After that we planned to head for a movie - nothing short of special - Babel.

We went by train because Xander was not around. Had a lovely time reaching there. What not - rolls, coffe, vada paav and sandwiches from the roadside vendors train rides to and fro, nimbu paani from the station. Amazing street life of Mumbai at it's best. That what leaving out Xander give us; at least me. So much more of the real free life that I want.

Anyway, we went in the store and we got to see and hear the world's best amps I guess. Line 6 Amplifiers and Processors are simply out of this world. Amazing tone and options! I tried the bass amp on display (check the picture out) with a Fender 5-string Jazz Bass. Ooooh.... Parry and we checked guitar amps as well.

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And to top it off, we jammed inside the practice room! Whoa! The first time I'm jamming with S. on the drums in about 4 years! And it was sounding amazing! WOWWOWOOWOWWOWOW! We played Metallica, Creed, Live and Audioslave and everything sounded great even without Xander!

The band - we are SO on!

Amazing Day - Babel

And to think that the day could't get any better...

We went back to Xander's place where we found him and GS (his GF). Not only we talked to them I even started a little bit of conversation in Marathi. And I was loving it. In the fun that I was having, I was able to clear the tension that we had (me and Xander).

After that I and S. went over to a brilliant multiplex to meet Sandy for the movie of the year so far - Babel. It is simply brilliant. Everything from story, screenplay, score what not. The world is so screwed up and it is so well portrayed. I can't describe it better. Check this movie out!

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