Jan 7, 2015

Random list of fleeting thoughts

  • I made a resolution to read at least 24 books this year. I'm doing well so far, having finished one book in the first week of the year.
  • I am now part of a book club at work. It's basically the bunch of people that I hang out with at work and all of us are very passionate about books, movies, TV series, etc.
  • http://krishnakumarv.tumblr.com/post/107423796080/66-66-of-the-book-club-at-work
  • After the first couple of book club meetings, the second of which was earlier today, I realized that people take books way more seriously, dissect/analyze characters in more detail, and think a lot more about the writer/setting than I do. I am partly overawed.
  • I grew up in a household where radio was on almost throughout the day and the family could spend an entire day without having a long conversation. That's probably the reason why I like listening to radio/music all throughout the day and don't like conversations as much as other people seem to do.
  • I am probably one of the very few people who actually have a physical radio receiver set at home.
  • http://krishnakumarv.tumblr.com/post/107424026585/remember-worldspace-radio-now-my-hitachi
  • I love dedicating songs on the radio. Today, I dedicated a song for the boyfriend. He loved it.
  • I love participating in contests on the radio, and I win regularly. I won a relatively expensive fitness band today.
  • http://krishnakumarv.tumblr.com/post/107396610455/won-this-in-a-radio-contest-on-radio-one-94-3
  • I think I remember all the men that I have been out with. At least, all the people I have had sex with.
  • I think vacations are over-rated, especially those associated with travel. Maybe I'm cynical, but I think they are generally overpriced, unnecessary trips.
  • Blue-light reduction and luminosity reduction apps for smartphones and computers (F.lux for iOS/Windows/OSX, Twilight for Android) should be made part of the default operating systems.

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