Dec 6, 2011

iPhone 4S: apple fanaticism or true technological masterpiece?

I had a conversation with Vinokur, my ex boyfriend. During the whole duration of the conversation, he told me how impressive iPhone 4S actually is. He said that it’s just the right size, ergonomical, user friendly, intuitive, beautiful, and just a must-buy gadget.

He even contrasted it with Motorola Razr, which he used for a few weeks after he lost his iPhone 3 and before iPhone 4S was available commercially. He thought was the Razr was a piece of trash and Android was not even close to competing with iPhone and iStore for apps.

I was left wondering whether all this is true. I trust his judgment almost blindly, but I think he might be a little biased. After all, he upgrades his iMac every time a better model releases and has a few iPods and a Macbook. As my friend put it, “Seems like a severe case of Apple Fanboy, currently incurable.”

I need to buy a new phone soon. Despite the fact that I love physical QWERTY keypads, I am considering to buy a full touch-screen phone just because all the good, new models don’t have such a keypad. So, I’m still considering the iPhone 4S as an option in spite of its enormous price tag.

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Anonymous said...

iphone used to be a really big deal and it was, but no not anymore, the recent android and windows phones are at par or even better than iphone.