Jul 8, 2011

Sashi Tharoor–oh, please!

Yesterday, I read an article about Test cricket by none other than Sashi Tharoor. I have generally respected his opinion. But I disagree with him on the present issue of the attritional cricket in West Indies being boring. Test cricket, even when attritional is more entertaining that T20 cricket. Every session – 2-hour session – is more captivating than the smaller version of the game.

A cricket lover wouldn’t be able to deny the fact that even if you didn’t tune into the first half (or 3/4ths) of a T20 match, you would still be able to catch the climax. What about a session in test cricket. Can you predict how it will take twists, how a battle between a bowler and a batsman can shape up.

No, you can’t. And hence, Test Cricket will remain on top of everything in Cricket. If you want people filling up the stadiums, avoid television broadcasts in the city that it’s being played in until the stadium gets full. That’s what Cricket Australia does and they are pretty darned successful in it.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or the date label of your blog posts is odd, i didnt see this post two days ago and it is showing a date of 08 july? instead of sometime in august?

Kris Bass said...

Well, I'm trying to update the blog chronologically. This basically means that I'm posting about things that happened in July now. I'm trying to catch up to the date in a month or so. I'm sorry that there is such a gap.