Jan 11, 2011

So much for blood relationships

Last weekend, I had a chat conversation with my sister. I thought it was about time that I mentioned the developments in my life vis-a-vis men and romance. I didn't want her to know after the rest of the world already knew, which already is the case unfortunatley.

As usual, our conversation was nothing but rude and unhealthy. I opened my heart out to her and I guess she did it too. Our feelings to each other were categorically unruly. She asked me things like 'Why do you meet before you get to know them/like them?', to which all I had to say was 'That's how relationships are made, by meeting peope and knowing them better'.

When I told her that humor was a very important factor when it came to choosing a man because I had a good sense of humor, she said that she thought that I didn't. That's how shallow our relationship has become these days. If she didn't know that I was funny, she hasn't known me at all, I said. She said that what she knew of me from the past, I didn't have much of a sense of humor. Incredible!

And then, as usual, she asked me to make decisions carefully, as if I didn't know that already. She thought that my decisions have not been well thought through and that's the reason why I'm having such a miserable life. I asked her how she knew that she was right? Then she asked me 'Now, who's being rude here?'

With that she and I decided that we better not chat with each other any further. This is the reason I should believe why families are not meant for the welfare of people like me. Also, I know why it was such a wise choice to have decided to separate myself from the family and adopt 'friends' as the primary family. As someone told me the other days, and I quote, 'Friends, to gay people, are what family is to straight people'.


Shreya said...
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Shreya said...

Not everybody gets around to accepting homosexuals. Everybody is okay with their neighbor's son / daughter being gay, but yes, when it comes to your own family, there'r things that 'could be done' to 'change his/her mindset'.

I'm sure it's the same with your sister. There isn't much hate :)

Do not give up on family. Never. Just saying.

Kris Bass said...

Perhaps you are right.

By the way, thanks for reading and commenting!


Anonymous said...

I personally believe that writing such posts on your blog and having everyone read and know about it can significantly mitigate the chances of better communication and a healthy relationship between you and your sister.

Kris Bass said...

@Anonymous: This might be true. But I like to express myself openly on my blog. I have had to face repercussions, but I continue doing it because I believe in freedom of expression!