Jun 12, 2010

Why isn't there a gay bar in Mumbai?

Jesus, this is pain. I am on my first GB party in about 6 months. I'm there alone and loud music is blaring through the speakers. Twinks and queens are dancing away to glory. Friends who came with friends are busy talking between themselves. There is a lone television set which is giving me company. It's showing the highlights from yesterdays World Cup matches. There are barstools placed just in front of the television set and people come and plop on them without a care about people watching the match.

I have a small whiskey in my hands and I'm taking my sweet little time to finish it because everything else is so boring. After I finish the drink, I decide I have had enough and get out of the venue out to the street hoping that there would be someone like me who has gotten tired of what's happening inside. There is no one.

Then I see the main coordinator of these parties walk in. He asks me how I'm feeling. I said I'm bored to death and am planning to leave. He suggests that I head off to the lounge were there is place to sit and there is no loud music. Apparently it's up the stairs. I walk up to enter this weird looking room with an 8-feet roof. Couches are splattered near the walls. I curl up in one hoping that at least internet will save me.

No, I was wrong. This place doesn't even have a signal. All I can do is to order for another drink and type in a blog post. So if an interesting person doesn't show up by the time I finish my drink, I'm so out of this place heading home to watch the England vs. USA match!

This brings me to the question - why doesn't Mumbai have a decent gay bar? A place where people can meet up and talk. Not dance. Conversation and drinks. Like the old-fashioned gay hangouts that you see in movies? I have proposed my friend and restauranter this idea. He's thinking about. Hope something comes out of it.

By the way I'm coming back home from this nightmare called the GB party!


Crazy Sam said...

oh you had come for yesterday's party?? i thought of goin, but den didn't. otherwise we cud hav had an old-fashioned chat unless in the process, i dont end up boring you even more! :P

Kris Bass said...

Haha, Sam... you wouldn't have bored me to death. There was no company to talk to. No one interesting! Let's plan to go to parties together if you are game for it. What say?

Crazy Sam said...

Sure! Let's do that! :-)

Anonymous said...

there are no gay bars in india because thats how poor third world countries are, but i heard there is some bar in mumbai somewhere where they have one day of the week for gays or something like that, when my friend from london was sharing his experience of that bar he told me that was one of the worse bars he had been to, it screamed of shadiness and it was kept too dark to even look at anyone and being in that bar made him uncomfortable.

Kris Bass said...

@Sam: Okay

@Anonymous: The bar/party that you are mentioning is the party that I went to. It is not at all good for conversation and meeting people! Your friend is right!

H said...

I ricocheted off of Mr. WhipperSnapper's blog onto here and I think you're interesting. :)
Also, thanks for the one up about GB parties, I almost wanted to go for one.