May 10, 2010

Hard work

Relationships are hard work. But does anyone know a way by which someone can measure how much work has been done? Is it the amount of time spent, is it the amount of money invested, is it the sacrifices that you made, is it the pain that you endured to make it last however long it lasted?

The funny thing, however is that, how much ever hard work you've done, you are just a mind swing away from seeing everything collapse. Yes, the best relationships are that fragile. Admit it. Be honest to yourself. And be kind to yourself when such a thing happens to you.

Possibilities are that, if you are a person who loves to loathe, you will be convicting yourself of committing the sin which led to the collapse. If you have low self esteem, you will definitely feel that you weren't good enough for that relationship. If you are a person who believes in establishing your righteousness in having brought the downfall, you will end up creating a fantastic fictional piece out of what happened, totally forgetting that the real reasons could be something else altogether.

I'm all this bundled into one. I do all this and wallow in my misery. But somewhere, somehow I was supported by friends who convinced me that I'm not bad or wrong, that I should be strong and positive, that I should take broken pieces and fit it all together in another manner so as to create another jigsaw puzzle, that they are simply amazed by the resilience and hard work that had been needed to uphold what just fell apart.

I'm thankful to all of them. They make the hard work of what's lost seem worthy. Trust me, this is so important, so very important!

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