Dec 2, 2009

To-Not-Do list #1 - Life at 30

Things you shouldn't be doing when you are 30

- wondering if you should treat yourself to regular meals
- deciding against, after thinking for a second, considering that you don't deserve it.
- taking home 'extra' (read leftover) food from your colleagues
- saving that up in your refrigerator for days taking little portions out when you want to give yourself a treat
- the same refrigerator doesn't work well and provides a snug environment for arthropodes to proliferate
- saying no to snacks offered at work because you don't want to start wanting it when you are alone
- to avoid meeting people at restaurants and cafes because you will be forced to eat expensive food
- to space out your meals just right to avoid prolonged periods of hunger

If you find yourself doing similar stuff, then you are a poor loser.

I'll follow up with more to-not-do lists.


Anonymous said...

Okay, what's up with your professional life, sir?

Kris Bass said...

I'm working as an academic editor in Medicine and Biosciences in a KPO and enjoying it. My music career is also going up in the professional sense. Thanks!