Nov 21, 2009

Another phase of deep dark depression

I have been lurking in the cold shade of clinical depression in for the last month one month so. During this period, I considered various form of social suicide. I almost was on the verge of deleting this blog and all my various social identities on the internet. I have pulled through somehow.

However, I'm still in a phase of rapid cycling between severe and mild depression. Things that appear trivial to someone else will push me into a down-spiral within minutes, and to avoid such occurrences, I have been carefully avoiding all forms of social contact.

I apologize to whomever who has been reading this blog. I'm sorry. :(


Jack said...

Bro, I have friends with clinical depression who have greatly benefited from doing breathing exercises such as Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya. I suggest you take up a weekend long basic course at the Art of Living workshop. Will work wonders. You can't be depressed this way!

Take care mate!

Anonymous said...

how is depression different from "clinical depression" or is it that "clinical depression" just sounds more fancy

Anonymous said...

Hi kris...

i wanna help you..
need to talk
can i have your email id


Yadhu Krishna said...

Hey!! You just can't say that!! Don't let us down!! There are people (like me) who look UP to you!! AND DON'T EVER think of deleting this blog!!

You give me hope. Your attitude is an inspiration !! And you do things the way I want to live my life.

Proud2bGay said...

Dr. Kris never, never, EVER give up!

SSRI's are the first line of defense against clinical depression. Take advise and start immediately.

You are right when you say that it is a "spiral" of depression. But remember, a spiral route always has two ways to go - forward and backward.