Aug 18, 2009

Shor Bazaar's Savita Bhabhi (video preview)

It's here! The "Savita Bhabhi" video directed by Varun Agarwal (from Last Minute films) has just been uploaded on FaceBook. We don't yet know how to upload it on YouTube. Until then, here's the link.

I think too much of my yellow teeth is showing. But I still love it! What do you think?


Firebolt said...

Hey Kris! I blogged about the single. Check it out.

I'm not on facebook so I can't watch the video yet. Hope you upload it to youtube soon.

rita said...

Very Nice! You all look like you are having loads of fun.

Kris Bass said...

@ Firebolt: Thanks a lot!

@ Rita: Yeah, we are having a lot of fun!