Mar 8, 2009

A new job, a new beginning

I’m starting a new job tomorrow. It is a very weird feeling to be saying that word ‘job’ itself as I am used to the phrase ‘working in a hospital’ ever since I became an adult. A vast majority of my friends and well-wishers think that it’s a bad move that I’m making – giving away my medical career and jumping into something new. I can relate with all of them. How I wish I could carry on what I did. If only it could also allow me some time and space to work at my music!

I am starting work as an Academic Editor in the Medicine and Biosciences department of a Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO) organization. I’m looking forward to starting to work there. Why? Mainly because it will let me do what I love doing – being at the keyboard and working on text documents, editing them and making them readable and attractive. Apart from that aspect, this job would give me the financial stability that I have been looking forward to.

To all my friends who don’t want to see me put to waste my 13 years of medical training, all I have to say is this. I understand the risk that I’m taking. But my aim in life is to achieve what I want and to be happy. And I think you have to make a few sacrifices for achieving that. This is a humongous sacrifice and I might regret it in the future. That’s when I’m going to need all of you – my friends. Please stand by me.


flygye12 said...

it’s a bad away medical career and jumping into something new

but of course will u keep ur subscription to the IMA journal and keep urself updated ;)

manu said...

you have the right to do the job you love. My advice is that you should be in touch with your field(medicine and surgery),maybe on a part time basis. I personally do not want your surgical skills to rust. Please think over it. seriously. I am not trying to preach,just friendly advice from an elder brother/friend.

Kris Bass said...

@ Fly: :-/

@ Manu: I'll try to do something about it.