Nov 24, 2007

In Shoonyas

I guess it is a proud moment in my life. I have finally become a part of a rock band which is going to perform in venues across the city. It has happened over a period of a few weeks of byzantine communication between me and the fellow band members of the rock band ‘Shoonyas’. But I guess the wait was well worth it.

The leader/singer is a hardcore professional and the guitarist is a great person to jam with and to hang out with. I guess I’m going to have my dream of playing acoustic guitar based songs with this band. As a part of the deal, I might get discounts for my dream acoustic bass guitar. Wow, that’s going to be one instrument that I’ve been dying to play!

Nov 18, 2007

Love about to fly in an aeroplane!

It’s with great pleasure that I post to inform the world that my ‘Handsome Jew Dad’ from abroad is flying over to meet the ‘Cute Hindu God’ in Mumbai! The date of arrival isn’t fixed yet due to a clinical condition called ‘resistance to pressure’ in a case of ‘Attention Deficit Disorder meets Asperger’s syndrome’ somewhere near ADD land. The date would fall between the 16th and the 23rd of February in more humane terms.

To be telling you the absolute truth, days have been growing shorter for me with added responsibilities of time-sharing and the necessity to be in conversation with Vinokur, the name that Alan loves to be known by. And we’re increasingly growing tired of this physical separation of a few trillion gallons of saline water and a 3.6 million sharks which inhabit that.

Apart from everything else, once he comes, I think I’ll get a hold on my feverishly erratic life and redeem it to somewhere more stable. I really can’t take it anymore and want him here with me, by me, in me etc. Uh oh…, did I reveal my sexuality a bit too much?

Nov 15, 2007

Clash of priorities: the victory of Love

The Aerosmith song ‘Falling in Love is Hard on the Knees’ makes sense to me now. My life has changed so much since July 4th, 2007, the day when I met Mr. Perfect and fell in love. Before that period of life, I never really understood why all the famous musicians should write so many songs about love/break-up/separation et al in relationships.

Pre-love, my life consisted of two things which have been prioritized by the unfortunate social situation to be Career > Music. I, being a little meek and scaredy, never really bothered to do what I really wanted. I never set out for what I wanted. I realized that after falling in love. That’s when you get to know your own heart closer.

Now I realize that what I really want to do in life is music. Not anything else, but music. Let my life lead itself. I don’t want to lose out on the precious time that I have left trying to make a base on which I can indulge in my real needs. Ergo, I can’t really push away any opportunities in the music front that I might get.

Post-love, my priorities are categorized as this. Vinokur >>>> Music > Career.

Do I hear smirks and muffled laughter?

I don’t think that’s skewed! Come on, give me a break!

Nov 13, 2007

The saga of love continues

Four months! Such an incredibly long period it seems... rather is.

It would seem impossible for a freak like me to not blabber about my own life. Even having nothing going on, I used to type and post and blog and all that shit!

And now, I am in this fucken incredible relationship with the most amazing person that I have ever met, and yet, no posts!

The reason is simple. Straight forward.

I don't have time for anything but spend time with him - Anchel Vinokur - online!

I love him! I really do!

Nov 12, 2007

Noise Market

Well I needed to have some shot in my arm to breathe again after the disappointment fiasco with Xander. And purely coincidentally, that came in the form a Hindi rock band, the most unlikely thing, if you consider my yester-life.

Basically the story started on the day after the aforementioned fall-out. I was invited to check out by my Shoonyas guitarist to jam and to discuss some issues. What I was treated to was pure, innovative, orginal music; something that I was dying to play bass for. I was invited to play bass for this band which calls itself ‘Noise Market’.

I gave them a hint of my limitations. But there was no way that I could refuse to play with talented, committed, professional, sane musicians who didn’t have ego problems. Therefore, I’m part of a second band: ‘Noise Market’. We’re planning to hit the scene with lives shows and a demo CD! See ya guys on the radio and television!

Nov 9, 2007

Finality: The Xander chapter ends

It took about 5 years for us to realize that it’s not going to work. Not work at all. We fell apart just as easily as we had been made. The seething times let themselves grow into full-fledged hatred, leaving us with scathed and seething souls which longed for some respite.

The actual incident is dirty. It, as usual, involved a lot of passion and hope from my side, and lot of ego and alcohol from Xander’s. From a silly argument about a song’s rhythm pattern, we resulted in insulting each other so much so that we never want to see each other again. He threatened to physically harm me and was abusive to everyone dear to me including my dear Vinokur. That hurts. That hurt. Badly, it did. The spectator/mediator for the whole ‘event’ was a helpless E-boi.

I realize that, the sequelae are going to be severe. I consider Xander to be the most talented, but wasted singer who would fit in snugly into my dreams to make a band and I’ll miss him sorely. E-boi doesn’t have a different opinion. And Xander, I don’t know what you feel about all this now, but I think you will also agree to this someday. We’ll be the ‘super-band’ that never ever took off!

Nov 7, 2007

Our birthdays!

Wow, I had a ball! I’m going to have more! It was mine and Vinokur’s birthday on the 6th/7th of November.

I had gifted my little Vinokur using the wonderful powers of the internet a couple of Tantra T-shirts, a couple of Indian classical music CDs, a bouquet of flowers, a chocolate birthday cake. He was so happy as the gifts arrived one by one on the 6th of November!!

His gift to me was obviously pre-dated; my spanky new P1i phone and a brand new Yamaha acoustic guitar! I love you, Al!

I had a wonderful party thrown by my friends at a fantastic restaurant in town. I was gifted by all of my friends; things ranging from wonderful headsets for my mobile phone and my mp3 player and a bottle of champagne.

Thanks Sandy, E-boi, Xander, Parry and the others whose names I wouldn’t want to reveal in this blog.

And I did one of my social rituals-necessities. I came out to a couple of colleagues from my hospital. One of them was dumb-struck!

This was also the last birthday that I'm going to not celebrate without Vinokur!