Nov 28, 2006

My bass guitar has got a bend

It is scary to even think about it. Under less than a month since I bought a half-lakh guitar, it started acting up. The fretboard had bent. I was finding it increasingly difficult to slap and play bass. Finally, I gave it for repair from the shop I had taken it. Somebody who has been authorised by the Ibanez company is taking care of it. I hope to have it soon back to normalcy.

Nov 27, 2006

Casino Royale


Simply awesome. Xander and Parry had gone for a back-to-back movie evening. They watched 'The Departed' first. During the interval they called me and asked me to join for Casino Royale. I finished up my work on time and zipped to the theater on my scooty.

After that, it was just Daniel Craig and the brainy plot. I loved the movie. So loved the body of Craig. WOW.

I can't write further on this.

Nov 23, 2006

Hell's back

If I thought that my life would become better when I become a senior, I am wrong. Totally. The betterness is directly related to the quality of the juniors that someone has. In my case, there is no quality.

For the last three days, I have done most of the stuff that I have been doing in the last year (my housemanship). In return, I got sleep deprivation, hunger and more scoldings from my seniors. Why? Because my seniors think that I'm inefficient because my juniors don't work.

That does make sense. NOT TO ME! TO THEM!

I was so depressed three days back after one of my surgeries turned out to be a lot below par. The Xrays showed a badly reduced fracture with a offset plate. Added to that, my miserable, restless life - I felt like quitting it all.

T. helped me pep up myself a little. But still, I can't reason why I should lead such a miserable life.

How I wish I had some support where I could pursue my music after leaving everything else in life!

Nov 21, 2006

How do I look?


This is a photograph that Xander took when I was grooving with him last weekend. It took 6 days for me to finally to download it. I worked on it with Picasa and voila, I look supercool! Posted by Picasa

Nov 19, 2006

Newspaper stories

Today was another bad day for me. I have just returned to my room after spending most of the night doing chores for my professor. I'm disappointed with the fact that I was not able to jam with Xander or hang out with Sandy. Actually, Sandy had invited me for 'Casino Royale' which released yesterday here. Yet, there were sufficient stuff in the newspaper which keeps my life interesting.

The first one is a story in yesterday's Times of India saying that robbers respect/fear the mosutache of a cop more than his gun <click here >. Whoa! Finally, at least, I found a certain set of men, although antisocial, who think like me!

  Posted by Picasa

This story was the 2nd page of the Times and it featured a photograph of a 50 something cop with a splendidly elaborate moustache. Cops get upto 50 Rs. per month for 'moustache maintenance' and there is a yearly competition for the best moustache award. Wow! How sexily gay is the Police Department!

The other two were on today's paper. One was a lousy article about Angelina Jolie getting amused by a baby during her movie shoot. The article read that the infant must be the luckiest male alive because he's the youngest to be held close to the bosom of one of the hottest women ever to live. That is cheap! Lowly cheap.

In another article about a starfish like robot which could recognise and adjust itself to bodily injury, there was a definition of self-consciousness in a robot - A robot thinking about the fact that it's thinking - that's pretty interesting. It's been long since I heard of such a line. Yeah, Asimovs and Clarkes are almost 10 years old in my life.

Nov 18, 2006

Yesterday meets today

The new unit is taking its toll and after effects on my life. Now it's been two weeks since I went to the gym. Yesterday was my emergency and it was such a busy day. I didn't find time to shut my eyes for one minute during the night. That was mainly due to the extremely ill-mannered and unprofessional attitude of one of my juniors. After leaving the emergency at 7, we had rounds till 9. Then I took a nap till 12 pm in the wards.

The new professor that I work under spoilt the rest of the day. At around 12.30 we started dissecting three cadavers for a Spin Surgery Workshop. The spine dissection part was okay. But when it came to removing all the viscra from the abdomen, I hated it. I hate the abdominal viscera.

After that, I had to operate on a patient in the emergency. Immediately after that, I complete by ward round. And during the middle of the round, my professor calls us to the office! At around 10 pm. There we sit making presentations on MS Powerpoint until 3 AM. Except for my dinner at around 2 AM, no big food!

Now, I have bathed and am fresh. But my senior is sleeping in my room. I can't masturbate or C2C on with one of those hot daddies that I 'make out online' with. My newly strung 4-string bass is lying wanting to be played but I can't play it.

Why? Why the hell is life so curel to me?