Nov 30, 2005

My reg is a he - bitch

I hate the way things are shaping up in the hospital these days. That's just because of my registrar. He's alp from down south but he's bitchy to say the least. Somehow, he's very tense always and he lets his tension out on me and my co-houseman. I hate him.

Washing up with a bear

These two posts are actually re-posts of earlier ones which did not come out good the first time. Some glitch with the Opera browser I guess. Coming to the point. The title might mean a lot to gay men. Me and a bear in a tub. Ooh la la la... In actuality, I wash assisting my Nu Professor for the first time in a major case. He's a true bear. And almost handsome. He has nice hands and feet and his voice, though not husky, is sexy cool. Let's just say that I was in some erotic dreamland during the whole surgery. Ha ha.

Bird neck

I've this super cool lecturer in the hospital who's knowledgeable and respected. He's too good surgically. He's fit and has a muscular body. The only couple of problems being his arrogance and his bird like appearance from neck up. That's okay you say. Well it ain't is what Kris says. After all it is all what matters - from the neck up.

Nov 23, 2005

Shag when the time comes

In my hospital lingo, shag means to struggle with something. But the regular meaning still has it's use for me. I actually shagged in OT time. Whoa, and that too a quickie! I don't know what the stimulus was. But I have a suspicion that it had something to do with the lack of sleep these days.

Nov 21, 2005

First one from my Nokia 6630

Wow, I can't believe it. I'm posting one message from inside the OT. This has got to be the height of mobile technology.:)

First one from my Nokia 6630

Wow, I can't believe it. I'm posting one message from inside the OT. This has got to be the height of mobile technology.:)

Nov 17, 2005


I don't know if there is a word called 'ZONK'. I (We) use it to represent a state of indisposition when you don't expect the condition to improve soon. Usually we tend to associate this word with elderly patients who have big time problems when it comes to fitness for surgery. But right now, I'm using it for myself. I'm zonked. I am very sleepy and I'm very tired. And I'm getting scolding for everything I do (and I don't).

Nov 16, 2005

The lost son

For four days, my mobile phone was off. I couldn't find time to go out and get a new battery. During this time, I didn't even get time to tell my family and friends about this. The whole thing got so blown up and my sister called Xander up to enquire about me. Naturally, Xander had no clue either. Finally, he called me up on my ward and let me know about the fact that everyone is worried. Today, I called up folks and told them about the my status. They are okay. I'm okay as well. I'll have to get a new battery for my phone anyway!

Nov 15, 2005

New mobile phone plans`

I know that I can easily restore primitive mobile functions by buying a new battery for my mobile. But I want to buy a new one. Something with which I can browse the internet and stuff. I think I'm a crazy guy. Or else, how would you reason with me on this decision. Remember that I don't have too much of cash and I lost my wallet the other day.

Nov 14, 2005

3 days in the ward

The last three days have been so busy that I have not gone to the room at all. I didn't change or wash my face even. Two days of OT and the day in between went just like that. The only saving grace is that there wasn't too much of sweating in between. Therefore, not too much stink.

Nov 13, 2005

These days

I just noticed the little comment under my photo on the blog. 'I don't know what's in store, but I'm going to love it'. Undoubtably it is overoptimistic. But I doubt the truth in the statement in my present situation. Lack of any free time, lack of sleep and scoldings for everything from my seniors. Doesn't look good at all!

Nov 12, 2005

New mobile phone plans

I know that I can easily restore primitive mobile functions by buying a new battery for my mobile. But I want to buy a new one. Something with which I can browse the internet and stuff. I think I'm a crazy guy. Or else, how would you reason with me on this decision. Remember that I don't have too much of cash and I lost my wallet the other day.

Nov 11, 2005

Sluttiness with elderly male servants

My liking for older men reflects very well in the way I interact with other personnel in the hospital. I'm very talkative with the male servants all over the theatres and the wards. These days, I'm so close that they talk about sex, erections etc. in front of me. I enjoy them pulling legs and other things (referring to a particular incident a while back). This state of 'buddyhood' has developed so far that some have started asking me for tablets for erection problems. I managed to get four Viagra pills to a couple of servants in the OT. They are so happy. I'm more popular than ever!

Nov 10, 2005


I think I need to reframe the opinion about my co-houseman now. I said that he was good. But he's unreliable. Just because of his lapse, which is a major one (Don't worry. No patient was harmed due to this), we got fired again. I so wish I could find more time to check everything as to avoid getting fired.

Nov 9, 2005

Mobile troubles 2

I managed to go again. But the problems seem to be increasing. My mobile’s not getting charged. It is showing ‘charging’ when not charging. Everything’s fucked. I wasted around 2 hours behind this today and I was late to the ward for evening rounds. I received a big round of shouting from seniors. The misery didn’t end there. I had to stay awake almost through out cuz patients didn’t have blood for their surgeries tomorrow.

Nov 8, 2005

Mobile troubles 1

My mobile phone is giving me problems. For that, I took it to a mobile doctor who is also from Kerala. He, I thought, did well to solve the problems with the keypads and the body. But other problems with charging and vibrator were created. I don’t know if I’m going to get it repaired soon. Without either of the present problems getting corrected, my life’s a misery.

Nov 7, 2005

The 27th year of my life begins

When I got up from sleep the only thing that was on my mind was to get to the ward and do my morning duties before the OT. I didn’t even brush. Put on a tee, sprayed deo and ran. I reached in time. Did my work. And reached the theatre. Not much of hassle.

In about 10 minutes, I realized… FUCK, IT’S MY FUCKEN BIRTHDAY! Almost like an afterthought came the phone from my sister. One of my seniors understands my native tongue. He picked up that it was my b’day. The whole OT knew.

My ego sets in. I want to please everyone. Give a treat. I order a cake. I order candles. I light them. I invite everyone over. I blow the candles of. I cut the cake and distribute. Too much of ‘I’ in here I suppose. The cake fells short in quantity. I order another. That would turn out to be still not enough. I order sweets. This went on till the next day.

In the end, everyone is happy. I feel satisfied despite the fact that I did everything. But I’m like that anyways.

Nov 6, 2005

Changes which I felt after a week

The changeover has not been smooth. I still forgot to do many things that are compulsory for this unit. Therefore, the seniors are unhappy. But I’m not. I’m happy that I’m working in a unit which is much better than the one I was in. And because of that, I’m feeling less sleepy while I’m in the OTs.

Nov 5, 2005


My first emergency in the unit passes by peacefully. For making up for the shabby work that the houseman before was doing, I had to do a lot of ‘mobilisation’ to get new stuff for the unit. If you can’t get what I’m trying to say, I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to explain it in the blog!

Nov 4, 2005


Nothing much. No news from anyone about the wallet. The news about my wallet spreads. I inform my father and mother and my sister. They promise me to help with money. In this aspect, I have a good family.

Nov 3, 2005

My wallet gets stolen

The strangest incident happened. Picture this; me in ward sitting on a bench near the counter were doctors and sisters sit. I was talking on the mobile with my parents when they asked me for the number of my ATM card. With only one hand to work with, I take my bulky wallet out and try to swiggle the card out. I manage the fulfill my purpose but in doing that, the wallet falls down on the ground beside my feet.

Enter into the scene, the scariest registrar in the department. He looks unhappy at me leisurely talking on the phone with parents at 8 pm. He asks me something and passes by. I reply in short and get back to my confused Dad at the other end of the mobile connection.

Enter into the scene a relative asking me to write something on a form so that his work can be done. I ask him to wait.

By that time, I put down the phone. Enter into the scene a good, efficient servant. He asks me about the card that I’m holding in one hand. We chat about that while I get up from the bench go to the desk in front and scribble something on the relative’s form.

I turn back, there is no wallet. I search everywhere but in vain. The only doubt is the annoying registrar who can keep it hidden cuz he felt so. I call him up. He acts strange but says no about the wallet. I search everywhere once again. My registrar comes. He does not understand the significance of my wallet’s loss (along with Rs. 3000 and licenses).

I am shaken by the episode. But I still leave a complaint at the security office in the hospital as well as the concerned police chowky. No hopes, but still…

Nov 2, 2005

Bad 'over'

The bad ‘over’ certainly did leave it’s trace in the OT today. We fucked so much up that the registrar were upset and had to fire us. And by ‘we’, I mean me and my fellow houseman who, contrary to what I expected, is not dumb. He is efficient, but not fun. I like more fun than efficiency. I like me. Ha ha ha…

Nov 1, 2005

The first day, new unit

The first day in the new unit passes off peacefully. There is a lot of confusion because of the shabby ‘over’ I was given. But still, I’m happy. I’m posted with the cooler of the two registrars. That would mean more peace in life. But the workload is heavier. The second registrar who I’m posted with is one of the nightmares in our department. But he seems okay as well.

The day when my home state was born

November first is 'Keralappiravi Dinam'. This is the day when the state of Kerala is supposed to have been created by Parasuram after throwing his axe far and wide into the Arabian sea. The sea is supposed to have receded to give the beautiful landscape Kerala now has.

The funda with this day is that, people get dressed up in traditional clothes in Kerala. I wanted to wear traditional clothing but because I'm changing units I don't think I can.