Jun 18, 2009

Unfinished conversations

So I've been thinking about how everyday we say 'Look, I would love to have carried on this conversation. We'll do it some other time. Eh?' So many people, so many relations, so little time. Try this. Go to your inbox and browse through the e-mail exchanges with friends, family, and acquaintances. Every conversation seems to have ended with an unanswered question with a few loose ends.

Some of such ends are trivial. 'Howz the weather in Mumbai?' etc. Some others are painfully sharp. Sharpness is relative. From a 'Would you like to meet me?' which went unanswered to 'What do you think about my work?' which got ignored under piles of things to do.

Foolishly, we add on things to your schedule. From dates to gigs, new stuff has to happen. Life doesn't seem credible otherwise. What will happen if people suddenly forget me? Yet, we forget that the more important people in your life, some of them who have gone through the endurance test of life with you, supporting you when you needed, are given the boot.

We are really mean people. Please pass on the meanness-extinguisher!

Jun 9, 2009

Photographical interlude

Last week, I was clicking like a madman. No particular reason why. I guess occasions for some nice photos presented themselves. The problem now is that I don't have time to edit them. Interested souls can check out the Peter Parker FB page.