Oct 11, 2009

27 to 30

27 to 30 - about the phase of life between 27 years and 30 years, when I'm 27 days to becoming 30 years old.

27 to 30

Stop, rewind. Slow it down.
Play. Pause. There, do you see?
What? I can't believe it.
Is that me, are you sure?

Hope, happiness, and a life ahead
Pride, loneliness, not a fear of what's ahead

Unpause. Play. Slow it down.
Hey. Pause. There, do you see?
Where am I? What's happened to me?
Why do I look sad and lost?

Fear, pain, and truckload of demons
Scars, sadness, and life to forget.

Play. Fast forward. Don't stop. Ever. Off.

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