Dec 3, 2009

Thanks for destroying my peace

Yesterday, S. showed up at my door in the middle of the night. He started shouting out my name. Then he rang me up on the phone, before proceeding to start banging the door. This even woke my neighbors up. I was awakened - I had been asleep for just under half an hour!

I opened the door and without hearing his explanation completely (he wanted a guitar or something - bull shit) asked him to fuck off and banged the door shut. I was in rage and it took me two hours to get back to sleep. I can't believe his nerve! This incident of pure inappropriate behavior shaved off an entire two hours from my today! I don't know why he would do such a thing to me.

Anyway, people who interact with me on a day-to-day basis should know this. I hate the following phenomena. Please avoid doing them if you love me. If you hate me, instead of doing these to me, shoot me in the head.

- Turning up outside my door unannounced
- Calling/banging on my door if I don't answer
- Calling me up after a long period of incommunicado

In all such cases, communication will be facilitated if you send me a message and let me know in advance. The more detailed you are the better. More often than not, I'll respond positively.

The one exception to these rules is Vinokur - forever.


Firebolt said...


I just went through your past few posts and all I can say it, hang in there, buddy. Go back to the way you used to blog - it's therapeutic. Bad times will pass eventually, no matter what. It's a matter of time. Focus on what you need to do to get through this. We are with you.


Swats said...

Hey Kris,

Just dropped in to say hello

Take care

Kris Bass said...

@ Firebolt: Thanks for your kind words!

@ Swats: Hi Swats, long time! :)

Anonymous said...

But I dont get it why all of a sudden is your life fucked up, and why all of a sudden you are in debt, you are an orthopedic surgeon for god's sake you should be diving in a pool of money.
BTW I think blogs are always a bad idea if you are living in India and you out yourself in your blog, it is going to seriously mess up your personal/professional life at one point of time for sure PERIOD.

Ria said...

I am very confident that i can help you with so many of your problems and definitely not in the sense of an obligation, but you rarely allow people to help you. that is not fair. you cannot possibly live a people-free life unless you want to become a hermit. you got to consider this. Look at it this way; if someone helps you selflessly, you will automatically do that to someone else who is in need. and if at all you consider people's help as a favor, then you can always return them back their favors by being there for them when they are in need. i believe that instead of whining about problems and degrading one's self with one's mind, one should concentrate on solving the problems and moving ahead. what say KK? don't you think you've had enough of those negativities and you need a change? why not 'think' positive sometimes? there is always a beginning and i am sure that Nature will make you start with that at some point of time whether you like it or not. mark my words. Never say never.

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Kris Bass said...

@ Anonymous: Nothing was all of a sudden. And I believe in pouring my heart out here. Thanks for your point of view.

@ Ria: Thanks for the wonderful kind message. You are already helping me tremendously, thanks.