Sep 24, 2009

Confessions of a chronistically-challenged soul

Here's what I do in life: (a) Full-time day job which is interesting but taxing on the brain, eyes, and my time (b) Full-time musician who plays for four active bands (c) Full-time PR guy for at least two of the bands that I play for.

This amounts up to one thing - Bull-shit personal life. From no time to talk to my friends to lack of sleep, from not running errands for weeks to not getting time to read the newspaper, from closing the browser when someone pops up on chat with 'Hey, long time!' to not getting time write/rehearse by myself.

People, I'm sure, must have made a wonderully elaborate explanation about me and my excuses. There are a few people who I promised to meet up (for dates) with after a telephone conversation. They must think that I'm acting pricey. My friends who call me up when I'm in the middle of something and end up getting an answer 'Hey look, I'm really busy now. We'll talk later.' Well, this is how you lose friends.

Sooner than later, this will take it's toll. I realize the need to be away from the knife's edge. My schedule needs to ease out. I don't want to break down. It's my only life!


Deeps!! said...

woooow!! thats really some life u're living!! take a vacation, and relax. Tend to urself first.. friends will fall in place.. they'll love u no matter what! :)

rita said...

You are young, so you can spread yourself thin without suffering too much. Do what you want & trust your own intuition. Life really IS short & it doesn't hurt to be a little selfish.
You sound to me like a bit of manic/depressive personality. So when you are down don't be too hard on yourself & take advantage of the up times when you have all that energy. :)

Kris Bass said...

@Deeps: It might thrilling. But it's draining too. I can't take a vacation. The place that I work gives like 3.75 days off in 3 months. :(

@ Rita: I'm manic depressive. And I'm very hard on myself. That's the price that I pay. I wish...