May 15, 2009

The pleasure of working

Going to work is the only thing that I look forward to everyday.
  • It provides me with means indulge in something interesting.
  • It provides me a comfortable working space.
  • It provides me with time to listen to music.
  • It provides me with Internet, without which life would not go on.
  • It provides with a semblance of stability - no computer crashes, regular timings etc.
Everything that leaves me alone providing room for introspection is a potential disaster. First thing on that list is the act of coming back home to my computer and letting my mind wander through the amazing list of 'things that could go wrong.'

Only very few things could possibly keep me un-worried when I'm not at work.
  • Gigs, which give an opportunity to do something challenging and fun.
  • Alcohol could made a difference had I been able to afford it.
  • IPL too to some extent, but my PC has made even that a dreadful thought.
I'm really thankful to my job. It keeps me preoccupied, and therefore, happy. Or should I say, not sad?

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