Apr 28, 2009

Unplanned wedding

It's my CEO's wedding today. I had almost forgotten about it until a colleague of mind came to work dressed in a suit. I started noticing that colleagues were bringing in changes and stuff. I could eavesdrop on conversations about what one should look like/what one should get as a present etc during the phases of silence between songs on my mp3 player.

I was sure that I wouldn't go. There were many reasons. I don't know this guy, I don't have company, I can't afford a present, my depression etc. I and the two senior colleagues sitting on either side of me were trying to decide on attending the function. Sometime in the morning I got the icing of an excuse - Rob had planned for a rehearsal with Noise Market.

I kept working on and on. The HR team even arranged for a group chat to make sure that none of the office could excuse themeselves out. I was confident. I had typed 'Totally, nailed it!' as a response to the question 'Have you all made plans?'. And then came the face -off.

I am, as is obvious, very bad at saying 'no'. A senior came and talked to me as to why I shouldn't bunk. All my excuses seemed to go up in smoke. I gave in meekly. Soon I was on the phone calling for rescheduling the rehearsal. It was a big mess. I hate cancelling plans due to personal reasons.

Now, as I wait for a bus to take me to the railway station, I feel like a Congress candidate. I'm dressed in white kurta pyjama, and am heading to a dinner to binge on food and get drunk. Hope it comes off well. Anything to break this jinx of depressive evenings!


Anonymous said...


Please pull yourself out of depressive feelings (one way or the other).

The deeper you get into depression,it becomes impossible to come out of it.

I know you are a Doctor but this is from experience.

Well wisher from Canada

Anonymous said...

i had a dream about you last night, you called to tell me you had swine flu...(which is funny cause you never call me, oh snap!)anyway in the dream your phone kept cutting off cause you had bad reception...I hope you have neither flu nor bad reception in real life...

kris don't be sad...

weddings are fun...all that fuss over love, it's perfect!!!

oh and i just joined Golds...13,500 for the year