Mar 13, 2009

Coffee and the office

One of my expectations at the new workplace was the availability of good quality, machine-vended coffee. I don’t know why I thought that a good vending machine would be waiting to be serviced by me everyday. My first experience was at Xander’s office which is a part of the establishment which held the biggest newspaper in Mumbai and shared a common building with the offices of a very popular radio station in Mumbai. Coincidentally, I have had coffee at two other offices, both belonging to other radio stations. The coffee was consistently excellent everywhere and I was expecting the same.

My current workplace doesn’t have a vending machine. In the sub-office that I work from, there is the option of making your own coffee with the elements – boiling water (from an electric kettle), milk powder, sugar and coffee powder. Being the coffee-nossieur that I am, I was skeptical. Hesitantly, I made my first cup of improvisational coffee yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected. I made two more today and both of them were just as good. Or bad. I really wish I knew how to make the best possible coffee out of the resources that I have. If someone knows I would appreciate a helping hand.

Vinokur advises me to first pour a small amount of water in the cup at first. Then, you are supposed to add all the ‘powdery’ ingredients and make a paste. Finally you add the rest of the water. But I need to make something like a cappuccino. I mean I need the froth on top. You could even sprinkle some coffee powder on top to make it even more attractive. Please comment.


Anupama said...

Hey there! I could help you with the coffee thing on March 16, 2009. Will keep my fingers crossed and hope you likey..
Still to meet you.
Welcome to CIPL :)

Kris Bass said...

Looking forward to meeting you too Anupama! :)


Anonymous said...

I have 8 types of coffee and 8 types of tea in my office's kitchen.. they are all great.. but what i do is that I always keep a bottle of milk and coffe-chocolate icecream in the office kitchen, because i dont like the cofee creamer or the milk like thing in those very small cups... so what i do is i mix 2 spoons of my icecream with the 2% milk and put it in microwave for 2 minutes and a delicious coffee+chocolate drink is ready... i just had it 5 minutes ago!

Kris Bass said...

@ Anonymous: Do you work in paradise? That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

No I am a PhD student in Boston Univ.

Kris Bass said...

@ Anonymous: Haha, you took it seriously!