Mar 22, 2008

And the updates start!

I'm starting to fulfill the pormises that I dished out a few days earlier. Starting at the date from love flew all the way from the Big Apple. I'm going to file them under the respective dates and therefore, the updates will be added up from the 3rd week of february or so.

I must also let you know that I'm typing all this on my phone using a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. My computer is being used for the recording of songs of my hindi band 'Noise Market'. Technological innovations!

Mar 21, 2008

Finding it hard to find time

I can't still find time to update the blog like how I want to. I will try to do it asap. Until then, just know that I'm safe, healthy and in a sane frame of mind.

Mar 10, 2008

Life at it's engayging best

Blogging is fun but at times it becomes something that you don’t have time for. Especially when it seems that your life is full of things that you were supposed to blog about. Contradictory, but very true. But it can never be a responsibility that you wished you needn’t have to do.

My life has seen such a period of tumultuousness that I can’t believe that I survived through it. Once again I’ve come out stronger and raring to take it on more.

I wish I had the time to encapsulate the proceedings of the last two and a half weeks of success, failure, agony, ecstasy, love, hatred, despair and hope. I promise to post about it all soon.