Dec 31, 2005

New year's eve

This has got to be the perfecto New Year's eve considering the situation that I'm in. Doing first year of residency in a busy hospital can't be a good time to celebrate anything. But my he-bitch was kind enough to grant me permission at around 10 pm to go ahead with my plans.

I went to my room, washed my face and feet, put new clothes and start to the mall where Xander was hanging out with his friend Shri. I had promised that I would meet him in front of the McDonald's there. I was sort of surprised to see the huge crowd there. I mean, I know there is supposed to be a huge crowd in a mall on New Year's eve. But still, didn't expect this much.

Once I reached McDonald's, I picked my mobile to call him. I noticed that there were three missed calls. All from Xander. I decided to call him back. As I was punching in the keys, Xander called. He asked me where I was. He came up behind me with Shri. I was happy to meet them. But at the same time, I was surprised to see that Shri had pierced his left eyebrow as well.

Xander wanted us to go back to the apartment and jam. I watned to eat something and hang out in the mall for sometime. But Xander's persuasion presided over my reluctancy. We went back to the apartment and had a nice nice time. We played lots of stuff from the past years. Shri was a little pain in the arese when he took up the guitar and started playing. But otherwise, it was fine.

Finally when I started feeling drowsy, I had to ask Xander to stop jamming and let me sleep. He didn't want me to. He wants to jam all night and day. I fell asleep jamming twice and finally convinced Xander that I needed sleep badly. Once he let me to quit, I drove myself into blissful eyeshut.

Dec 30, 2005

Last emergency of the year

I go into the last emergency of the year in a very good mood. I don't exactly know why. But this was surely similar to the times 2 months before when I was in another unit. Everyone thought that I appeared pumped up as compared to other days. Fine, fine, fine. It is good to end the year on a positive note I guess.

Dec 29, 2005


This has to be the peak of misfortune. The tell the story in short, yesterday I was entrusted with 2 xrays which were to be kept safe for my professor. I did just that and had to hand it over to my colleague who forgot that he had kept it in his bag. The he-bitch wanted the xrays in the morning. It was missing of course. I tried to remind my colleague about the fact that the two xrays were handed over to him yesterday. He didn't recall at all. Total nocall. He-bitch started bithhing. The lecturer painted pictures of a grey hell with fireballs and demons in the upcoming future for everyone, especially me. I was helpless, hopelessly needful of help.

When my colleague came around it was late enough. But at least I was able to give the Xrays to regain some dignity in front of my unit.

But why is this happening? Am I at the lowest nadir in my life? If yes, I'm pretty good, yeah!

Dec 28, 2005

Catching up with sleep

Today was so good. I was able to sleep in the afternoon for the first time in about two months to catch up with sleep. In the evening I felt so fresh that I could do anything in the world. That freshness was destroyed when my senior found out one mistake that I made and made a hell of a mess out of it.

Dec 27, 2005

The truth gets revealed

Sometimes patients can be so depressing! One very affluent patient, actually a law student, created hell for me in the evening. This patient was supposed get discharged today in the morning. But because the necessary 'op-sheet' was not handed over to me by my sir, I wasn't able to do it on time. The above formality was finally done just before I went to the OPD. Obviously, I couldn't go late to the OPD because of the pending discharge sheet which needed to be completed. The message was passed on to the patient.

But they weren't agreeing to wait. They sent people over the OPD and I promised them I'll come to finish up the paperwork by 5.30 pm. Our OPD finished at about 4.30 pm and I was so happy to get some free time to catch up on a newspaper + sandwich + chocolate. I was walking to my room at around 5.10 pm from my he-bitch called me and started shouting at me. Why? Cuz I didn't go to the patient directly after the OPD. Apparently the patient's relatives had created havoc by going and requesting my lecturer to fill up the discharge.

I was getting to the patient when I saw my friend-resident psychiatrist on the way. I just said pleasantries when the he-bitch went bustled beside me with a snort on his face. I had to follow him and hear the bitchings. After that I went and argued with the patient with regard to this impolite behaviour. Thanksfully the he-bitch also did the same.

That let out the frustration. After that the he-bitch took round and was again bitching about everything. I finally had enough and I told him how bad I felt about myself and the fact that I was thinking about the choice of my course etc. That sort of quietened the he-bitch. He went back to his room nodding his head. Who knows what ill-fortune's up next on my way?

Dec 26, 2005

Beer problems

I'm having these irritating headaches on the morning after having beer. Hangovers, huh? I hate them. Maybe I shouldn't take alcohol at all.

Dec 25, 2005


The hot dude I was talking about yesterday works in the hospital itself. I found him in it nearabouts yesterday. That's a good sign. I hope I can run into his appendage one day.

Dec 24, 2005

King Kong between the double emergency

I'm crazy. People have told me that. This sort of proves it. I am sleep deprived. And the time I got to sleep between the double emergency this weekend, I went out with my friends for watching 'King Kong'. Needless to affirm the boredom related to the length of the movie, I dozed off in the midddle. Even the roaring ape failed to awaken me. But hafta tell ya, the grafix were awesome.

Dec 23, 2005

The unforgiving COLD

As I had mentioned previously, the couple of 'cold's are haunting me. The affliction is persistently accounting for gallongs of slimy green mucus running out of my right nostril everyday. The weather is doing its bit but I'm prepared to weather it. The first step was to get a sweater. I got one by asking one of my friends to get it for me. She, as nurse, got a blue sweater for me. It looks decent. But it is cheap and it smells like gunny material. But tha point is it is comfortable!

Dec 22, 2005

Got back on board WorldSpace!

Although the title of my post suggests of a particular bias for WorldSpace (India's only satellite radio service provider), it is so true. Over the last 8 months or so, I have realized that WorldSpace was the single most thing that I missed most after joining my course.

If you want to know how and why it happened, here is. The subscription to the service was about to expire. I was planning to renew it for about a few months now. But nothing worked out. I couldn't find time to go out to the shop in Andheri and give the payment. Neither could my sister do it as she used to for the past two years. This meant that I had to do something different.

Firstly, I took the receiver from Xander's apartmetn. That 'difference' came as an advertisement on the Times of India daily. I got a phone number. I rang them up and they said that they can arrange for someoneto collect the money from me. The customer service was satisfactory and within 36 hours of my call, they managed to install a new external antenna (on top of my hostel). Now I can listen to all the cool channels like 'BOB', 'Radio Voyager' etc.

Dec 21, 2005

Hot hot man

These days, I'm aware that I'm writing less and less about sex. As I reflect on the problem, I realize that I hardly get time to think about it. All I get is to shag. And I 'grab' that with all limbs whenever the opportunity presents.

But today, things were different. I saw this gorgeous 55+ year old on the lift. He was a balding, grey haired guy with a stern look and he had a thin beard as well. The striking thing about him was his posture and his style of dressing. Light shirt, grey pants (both well fitting) and pair of shiny black shoes. To top it off, a pair of large, taut nipples making it was through the cotton of his vest and shirt. So hot!

He got off at a floor where I was not supposed to get off. I couldn't resist but follow him. I did and I found him going to one labaoratory. He went in. I decided to wait for some time. I went in unsure of what to expect. I peeked around and I thought I saw a glimpse of him sitting in a corner but another guy interrupted me and asked me who I was searching for. I didn't have the courage to pursue further and left by mumbling something like 'I was looking for another resident.'

Wow, in the few moments before I might have met him and talked to him, I was framing stupid questions like 'I think I have met you before. Were you on a train last week?'

Dec 20, 2005

May's money

May had called me on Sunday evening. She said that her parents were pestering her about the fact that she didn't take back the money that she had given for the IPod Nano. I felt really bad about that. I had to give it back. She sent her servant at home to collect money from me. That happened today. Now I feel okay. But now her folks have entrusted me with finding out something about a new prospective bridegoroom for hr.

Dec 19, 2005

Cold + Cold

Oooh, it is so cold these days. I don't have a sweater even. It is so chillly in the morninggs and I can barely stand it while I walk around in the hospital. To worsen my misery, I have a cold which has not yet subsided. But I know that without taking rest, gargles etc, it won't come down. But what I can do? Actually, I have already asked one sister to get me a decent sweater. I hope to wear it and work int he ward soon.

Dec 18, 2005


I don't know if I'm growing old but I'm being forgetful in my work and that is hurting me a lot. I can attribute it to the lack of sleep or rest. But then I wouldn't want any excuses in this matter. I want myself to be perfect. But that can't be right?

Dec 15, 2005

Xander's troubles

As I'm going through my most troubled time in life, I get a phone call from Xander saying that he's considering quitting his job. I must admit that this is not the first time that he's saying this to me. But still, this is scary. He said that it is very hard to work in his office environment which he considers as 'hostile'. Apparently, the guys are making him work more than ever and are not offering him any raises. When I asked him what his options were, he said he might go abroad. That would mean disaster to our little dream of a band.

Dec 14, 2005

Not feeling totally well

About a couple of weeks back, I had an episode of respiratory infection which I didn't take care of. It is bothering me still. Still, I'm having occasional febrile episodes, with blocked noses and sore throats. I bought myself the drugs which I'm supposed to take. But still don't find the time and space to remind myself that I should be taking them regularly.

Dec 11, 2005

Back on the PC

It's been a looooooong time since I sat on a computer and blogged like normal bloggers. Yeah, I think I feel like I've lost the touch of it. But still I'll try to compensate. I'm a little short of time but stil...

Dec 10, 2005

Songs on the phone

The best part of having an mp3 phone is that you can listen to them at all time. Look, I haven't used my headset even once but I still listent to the few mp3s on my phone through the crappy external speakers on the phone a lot. That is so much of fun.

Dec 9, 2005

Updates from home

The best news of the week is that Dr. R has passed his exam. That is so wonderful. It's a shame that I've still not been able to talk to him properly since. For that matter, I've not been able to talk to anyone from home properly. Only Ray has talked to me. Nothing decent from Chuck and other friends. May calls on almost all Sundays. She's preparing for the coming exams. My sister has visited home and had some nice time. My Pops and Moms are fine.

Food flood

I don't go out to eat too frequently. This past four weeks, I think I went out only thrice. The trend has changed. I am getting food from just about everyone in the hospital. From servants, relatives, friends, relatives etc. It is so much of fun. And I'm enjoying it.

Dec 7, 2005

Browsing for porn

To browse for Porn on a phone is cumbersome. The worst part of it is to not be able to save the images that you love. My operator's GPRS charges are so high that I have to really be careful while browsing. I still manage to view some awesome pictures in the archives that I've depended on for so long.

Humiliation put to an end

After the last time I posted about humiliation in front of everyone, I was so down that I felt like SMSing my 'godfather' in the hospital. He is the only one who has even come close to sensing my career dilema etc. In the SMS I used the words 'desperate', 'end', 'life', 'career' etc. Naturally, when you connect all those and put a few sentences, the condition would appear emergent. The results showed.

In a couple of days of that SMS, a few comforting SMSes came. Finally, the 'godfather' and his good friend came and talked to me. They asked me through and through about the problems. Then they must have talked to my present 'he-bitch' registrars. Now, for the past three days, it has been 'Shaanit' (ie. 'Peace' in Hindi, Sanksrit and even other South Indian Languages.)

Thanks Mr. Godfather!

Dec 6, 2005

Great photos

I know that I love photography. Having a camera phone is very useful unlike what I had thought before. Now, I click at anything picteresque around. 'The Sheraton' is my favorite 'thing' to be photographed. I have over a dozen images on my phone which are too cool. I so wish I could get them on this blog.

Dec 5, 2005

Hopelessly hopeless

This is certainly the darkest phase in my professional life. I've been ridiculed, insulted, harassed by my seniors. They say that I'm lazy, lethargic in work and I've no sincerity or honesty in working. Irresponsibility, rudeness and apathy are the other terms that I've heard about myself. I know that I'm partially to be blamed for what happened as a 'cause' to all this. But this hurts me. I'm now the exact opposite of what I wanted to be. I don't know how I'll make it through this phase.

Meeting Xander

Lots of weeks must have passed (to actually find how many, I might have to look back in the blog archives) since I found time to go to Xanders. I went yesterday night and I spent some time with him. That is what he had asked for. He had called earlier in the day and scared the shit out of me. He had said that it has been too long and he's not finding music interesting. He said that he needed to see me at least to bring some inspiration. It sounded sort of desperated and I even thought that he was making up all the statements for just getting me there.

I reached at around 1 AM. That is too late ain't it. I ate good food which he had ordered. We talked and then we actually jammed some songs. I was just singing. Then I had to leave at around 3 AM. Naturally, he was unhappy about the ending. As always.

Dec 3, 2005

The psychiatrist's help

My favorite Psych resident still advises to me to try out drugs for my sleep problem (I'm sleepy on working times in the OTs). These drugs are apparently very powerful and can derange my normal healthy sleep cycle. After a lot of coaxing, she has talked to a lecturer about my problem and the lecturer wants to talk to me about this. But how do I find time to do all this?

Dec 1, 2005

Life in the 3G world

Today, my friend Jerry messaged me saying that he was working on developing 3G software for Nokia 6630. He asked me if I have access to 3G stuff here. I honestly didn't know and I admitted that I didn't. Whatever 3G actually means, but I love mobile technology. Look at what I'm doing now. After a tiring day, I'm at the toilet reading newspapers while browsing gay porn, blogging and listening to mp3s. Here