Jul 31, 2005

Not drowned yet

6 days after the disaster, it struck me that I have not yet announced
my survival after the Rainy-Drainy flash-floods in Mumbai.

Well, my hospital's ground floor was under about a feet of water and
Tuesday, the 26th of July. I had emergency on that day and our OT was
also under 4 inches of water. Since then, things have improved. But
majority of life in Mumbai is still at halt due to this even one week
after the worst of the showers. My dental appointments have cancelled
and we can't travel anywhere.

Otherwise, I've entered 2nd post status. This is the heaviest of all
posts. This means that lesser time to sleep, eat etc. I'm okay until
now. Let's see how I fare in this toughest part of my residency.

Jul 30, 2005

Xander's new songs

In this total mess with all the rain lashing the city, Xander made it to a getaway tour from his firm to a nearby resort. Apart from all the booze and girls who he managed to impress with his guitar and voice, he got some free time and inspiration to write new material. He wrote a couple of songs. I got a chance to listen to them over the weekend when I visited him. Both sound awesome! At least to me.

We actually jammed them both and made some riffs and stuff. I have got the basics recorded on my Zen Micro! I'm very happy!

Jul 28, 2005

I don't know if it is okay

One of the biggest problems I face when I sit in the OPD is to stay
awake. Days and days of asomnia add up and cause sleep attacks. To
avoid this, I have two good ways. One is the traditional dose of
caffeine. Hot chocolate from the vending machine at the hospital
across the road is awesome. The other is pretty deviant and may be
looked down on. I pick up hot men from the list of patients pending
for examination and do their phsicals. I don't do anything out of the
way. But I don't know if this is alright. Someone please coment.
Faustus, if you still read this blog, ask about this to your spouse.

Jul 24, 2005

New problems

The problem with me is that most of my contacts find me interesting not because of me but my skills. That is, computers, guitars etc. I don't think that is okay. Take a look what happened.

About a couple of week's back, my professor, one of the meanest filthiest men on the surface of earth, needed some help with his pompuous website. Since his right-hand man was on leave, my registar posted me for that duty. As I'm a bit of a pro in this, I did it easily. Since then the word has spread and I have had multiple requests to do all sort of computer things at hospital.

Now, I thought that was cool. But later, my registrar warned me that I should act like a total computer moron iin front of the professor because he'll make me do all kinds of shit work in my 3 years course if I did.

I'm nauseous at the thought of it!

'Unwanted' live

My registrar, the senior who I work under came to my room yesterday. He wanted to listen to me play the guitar. I played and sang 'Unwanted'; my best song. And he said he loved it. I don't think he was lying. Well, I don't know what to say or how to react. Right now I'm very happy.

Jul 22, 2005

Fantastic Four at Inox

Last weekend, I lived the life I want to live. Yes! In Mumbai, I enjoyed prime time mutiplex movie and the experience was enthralling. We as a group (from the unit in the hospital) went for 'Fantastic Four'. It was awesome. The movie itself was about 3 and 1/2 stars. Especially the action sequences.

What can I say? The ambience, the popcorn, the plush seating, the feeling of good sound system with a good movie... everything was perfect. This is why life in Mumbai is cool!

Jul 20, 2005

Routines screwed up

The already screwed routines are screwed even further. Nowadays, I'm getting to go to room to sleep by around 3 AM. That would mean that I would get up very late. That would mean no shower/shit.

To prevent complications due to either, I've decided to do both before I go to sleep. That way, I get free access to the toilets and showers when no one else's awake. I get to read the newspapers of the past few days while sitting for shit.

What do you think?

Ray and Lion

<p>Ray and Mr. Lion had sex yesterday evening. Ray gave me an SMS
before and after. It turns out that my suspicion of Mr. Lion losing
weight was spot on. They had plenty of fun. I'm missing Mr. Lion!</p>

Jul 18, 2005

Awfully slow and other blah

For sometime, I have been wanting to put in a lot of miscellaneous crap on this blog for sometime. Especially after I read this article If these words were people, I would embrace their genocide. at Maddox - the best page in the universe

  • The lack of sleep is severely impairing me. I am terribly slow in my work. Even while my sleep saturation levels are fulfilled, I'm pretty detailed and slow. But right now I'm pathetic I guess. That is proving to be a vicious circle thing. I need to take a break.

  • Xander is in Dubai right now and I need to visit the apartment. It has been over a week since he left and I haven't got time to check it out. I'm hoping to do that tonight.

  • >Oh, and I lost my retainer braces last week. Now I have to get it re-made.

  • A great positive thing to end this blog is to announce that May is in town. I talked to her yesterday night. She might drop in some time. How I would love to see her and spend some time having fun with her!

  • Another positive thing to happen is the fact that I'm going to get a thesis topic as early as the third month of my course. I've been luck to get a great registrar and I'm very thrilled about. Imagine my name in a big time Science article in the next few years?

  • And I managed to meet one of my new-found gay friends in mumbai. The surgeon who I hung out with at the gay party a couple of months back dropped by the hospital yesterday. He had some official work to do. I managed to squeeze out some time to meet him. It was fun.

  • I missed a great opportunity to get some kittens in my room. A she-cat was in my room about the day before she was due. Finally she found a place by the side of the staircase.

  • My eating habits is making my waistline bulge. Or so I think. I'm really scared.

Jul 16, 2005

Leg cramps

I have had the toughest week this last week. I think I've already moaned about it. It has been about 9 days since I had a nice 5 hour sleep. I have cramps in my legs when I get up prematurely from sleep. I was surprised when I learnt that this is a very common symptom of those who don't get their adequate sleep.

Jul 15, 2005

Blood sucking arthropods

I guess I haven't yet written/posted about the pathetics situation in my room. Wait, I don't know if I have ever posted about my room.

My room, is about 20 X 30 foot (yeah large) in the ground floor next to the mess where we are supposed to have our food from. It has these two windows whic face a dirty area of dead space in the hospital campus. The windows cannot be locked shut. There is a door which is difficult to open as well as clock. The two connecting doors to the adjoining room are permanently shut. There are a couple of flourescent tubelights and two ceiling fans with a single power point.

There are fourt cots in the room; all from the leftovers from the hospital. No decent mattresses are provided. All we got are leftovers from the last reallottment. All were dirty and full of bugs. There is just a table and a small cupboard like thingie which comes along with the room which no one uses.

This room is supposed to be shared by five inmates. All in my department and all freshers. Out of the rest of the four, two are not in the room. That just leaves three of us in the room at present.

Now, all of us reach room by around 1 - 2 am in the night and leave by around 6.30 am. I try to clean and put things in order as much as I can. The others don't help me out and in fact make things difficult for me. One of them smokes and the butts are always there to be cleaned up.

My bed, the only one which is made and clean, is at the far end of the room. All of my stuff is kept in four bags/suitcases nearby. I wash my dresses regularly and hang them to dry in a corner of the room. I have a mini vanity table where I keep my couple of boxes full of cosmetics and other stuff. My guitar and dumbells rest in the corner beside the clothesline. I have put in nails and hung the FM radio and the power extension to make life inside the room more cozy.

Now comes the horror story. Part 1 of the rainy season is over and let me introduce to you 33 different species of insects which swarm the room at any point of time. Out of which, the blood sucking lice/bedbugs are the worst. They are so prevalent in and around the mattresses that they can possibly kill an adult human being if he were to sleep undisturbed for about 4 days at a stretch.

I have anti-insect sprays and try to clean my stuff every now and then. But then, it doesn't help much. I was shocked to positively hideous death when I realized that my shoulder bag, which I carry around the whole day had about a couple of dozen of these bugs in the folds of the zipper. Yuck!

I don't know what I can do about it. In fact, the last time I talked to Mum over the phone, I specifically asked her to help me out with these. Since then she has given me a list of insecticides that I can use.


<p>I'm kinda tired after 4 days of hyposomnolence. On Sunday I slept
for 3 and a half hours. Monday night was even worse 2 and half hours.
Tuesdays are our emergency and I was very lucky to get permission to
sleep for 2 hours. Yesterday, I got to sleep for about 5 hours.</p>

<p>The first three days were okay. But then, today morning I couldn't
walk properly even after my shower. Thats the level of drowsiness that
I went through.</p>

<p>Tonight's not going to be any different I suppose. I'm stuck with
thesis work of my registrar. But that is fine. I'm doing good. High
speed internet, FM radio playing new rock hits and blogging when I
would like to. Therefore, it is great!</p>

Jul 13, 2005

'Unbreak my heart'

There used to be a time about 10 years back when I and my sister where on the opposite ends in terms about opinion about Toni Braxton's hugely popular 'Unbreak my Heart'. She used to love it to death. I initially liked it. Then, I thought that it was a cheap mean song.

Ten years later, having established my gayness, I listen to the actual song on my FM radio once. Then I hear the spanish (or something of that sort) boy band with a song which has the same tune and arrangement.

And now, I have to admit it, that I love the song. In fact I think that Toni Braxton is awesome. Where is she?

There are other songs from my retro periods that I recently listened on my FM radio on Go 92.5 FM. 'Creep' by TLC (my all time fav. R&B groove), '7 Seconds' Youssou n Dour featuring Neneh Cherry (via Live8).

Jul 11, 2005

A typical working day here

You must be wondering how I get time to maintain my blog. That is by devilishly ingenious tactics. Every week, I have a dentist appointment. That is about half an hour from my college. I take permission for that and in the time I get I manage to browse at a cafe nearby. I'm actually blogging from there. It is high speed and is fun.

So, why am I not supposed to get any free time? Not because there is so much of work to do. But cuz it is so unorganized, disjointed and chaotic. Here, get this.

  • 0600 - Alarm. Hardly get up. Daily routines over the day before's or the day to day before's newspaper. Don't manage to shit properly cuz the Prof is supposed to arrive at 0700.

  • 0645 - After a tea a couple of cookies and after palcing an order for a usual breakfast (3 Bread + Butter + Jam sandwiches, 2 eggs and a glass of milk), I go to my ward and start doing my work. I start doing a lot of silly things to make the ward appear perfectly managed (which it isn't). This is to save my registrar's ass basically. This is conveniently called 'Prep up ward'.
  • 0730 - Almost finish ward work. Wait for the Professor to arrive and in the meanwhile do so many silly things because the system in my hospital in general is so fucked up.
  • 0754 to 0748 - I swallow whatever I'm supposed to eat all the while thinking that the round might happen when I'm eating and I'll get screwed. No. For me that would be pleasurable. I'll have to do cunnilingus on a bad smelling lass.
  • 0830 - One senior arrives. Says that the rounds will start in 10 minutes.
  • 0930 - Nothing happens. I have stay in ward.
  • 1030 - A call from another ward. Round is about to start there. I prep patients up once more.
  • 1145 - Round finally happens. Prof isn't there. Just a lecturer.
  • 1150 - Round over. Nothing serious happens. Everyone retreats to the office where they seniors hang out.

  • 1200 - I'm called to collect the X-rays, MRI scans from 3 different wards and get them to the office.
  • 1213 - A senior gives me a missed call on my mobile phone. I have to call him back. He says get a cartridge for the printer from somewhere. Bring it to the office.
  • 1224 - I reach the ward to note that two patient's whose Xrays needed to be taken have not gone for them cuz there aren't any relatives to accompany them.
  • 1229 - I get all the Xrays and stuff upstairs.
  • 1240 to 1340 - Numerous calls. Plenty of ordering over the phone. Get this. Get that. Do this. Do that. Been there. Done that. Ooops, that's not there.
  • 1345 - Rush to the OPD and start seeing patients there on a hungry stomach. I am drowsy because of sleep deprivation. I wish for a hot looking man to arrive so that I can examine him thoroughly. No, I don't do that. I've gone close twice though.
  • 1656 - On the way back I grab what I can of a LuPper (Lu(nch) + S(Upper)). I go to room to freshen up.
  • 1750 - Then I wait for the evening round to start up soon. I do my ward work. Again about 2 hours at the max. But am interrupted my numerous calls asking me to do this that. Also a lot of time is wasted in attending to non-specific calls.
  • 2030 - A senior comes and takes a mock evening round. Nothing much. New jobs get added up on my list.
  • 2144 - Registrar makes his way. Orders me to get fresh Xrays of three patients. And to do a lot of things which will naturally stretch my working period to around 12 AM.
  • 2250 - Another registrar calls and asks me to complete some computer typing/paper work for him. I can't say no.
  • 2345 - While completing my ward work, I fall asleep multiple times. I mess up something or the other.
  • 0040 - I go do the paper/computer work.
  • 0140 - I'm heading to the room. I order dinner from the mess. It takes about 20 minutes to get prepared. Meanwhile I put my clothes for washing.
  • 0220 - I star washing my clothes. Don't have too much of patience.
  • 0240 - I sleep. Only to fear for another late awakening.

I hope you are getting how chaotic and messed up the work is here. That is why I don't get time.

Jul 9, 2005

My pals

It's been some time since I blogged about my friends. So here goes.

Ray is doing okay. But he's missing me and I'm missing him. He goes for occasional cruising these days. But not too much activity. He is doing good in the hospital though.

Mr. Lion sent me a reply to a mail that I had sent a few days back. Hastily typed in two lines. Yeah, he's losing his charm as Dementia sets in. But I miss him and his tools.

May has passed her exam. She's free now. Might drop in here for a few weeks.

Chuck is doing okay I guess. He never opens up too much to me over the phone. Therefore can't judge. But he's having a good time there.

Xander is in Dubai as we speak. Has gone for his brother's wedding. I haven't been able to meet him over the last two weekends. No serious jamming for about a month now. But that's okay I guess. I think he understands.

Dr. R. is doing fine. He still is as good as he was when I was there in my home town. Still no sexual feelings for him from my side.

Jak has had a major showdown with his Girlfriend. They have split. Haven't been able to share his trauma. But he looks fine these days.

I hope this post is a welcome respite from me, me and more me in my blog.

Jul 7, 2005

I need sex

This might sound a little slutty. But it is true. I think I'm very deprived of sex now. I feel like grabbing at the crotches of all men walking past me. Is that something bad? I'm shagging more frequently now as well. In fact, nowadays I'm having a hand-quickie in changing rooms as well.

If that sounds disgusting to you, just check this out. The servants in the theatres, some of whom being hot, grab at each others balls at mercy of no one. And they talk openly about that as well. I guess I wrote about this instance.

A hot servant who's helplessly standing holding a patient arm up while I'm doing the cleaning before surgery asks to hold the arm board. Actually he asks

  • 'Can you hold this?'
  • The other servant says 'Okay.' He goes ahead and grabs his balls in front of me. Both exchange glances at me and the second servant goes ahead
  • 'He's growing old but still hasn't lost his fire'

Can someone tell me if the whole world is this gay under the covers? Whatever, I'm very much in need of sex.

Jul 6, 2005

New braces, Live 8 and homely food

I have got another set of braces. Actually they are not braces per se. They are retainers for my lower set of teeth. They incapacitate my masticating ablities further. But even more, they interfere with my articulation. But then, it is fine.

Although I missed Live 8 'Live' (totally; on TV, Radio, Internet), I caught up on it yesterday. It was awesome and I totally enjoyed it. It was played on Go 92.5 FM. This FM's the only reason why I have my portable FM radio.

And finally, I found some homely food. That too in a cheap cheap place close to my hospital. The food, as you would expect, is very cheap. It can satisfy my occasional desires for my staple lunches of Rice + Fish.

This means that my diet is getting even better. No wonder why I've lost just 2 kilos while one of my fellow residents has lost 13 kgs.

Spending too much?

Apart from eating too much (according to me), I spend too much as well. At least, that's what I think. I buy something or the other everydays. I buy perfumes, deos, other toileteries etc. regularly. I bought two FM radios, three set of earphones and a lot of other accessories. I also bought a couple of bedsheets and pillow covers the other day. Apart from that T-shirts, undies and Slip ons. Don't forget the extension cords, the external speaker FM radio in my room.

Too much? I guess. I'm not earning much. But can't help it.

Oh I almost forgot that I also bought dumbells worth Rs. 1700 last week. Yes, I've started working out as well. I've upgraded from around 7 kg to about 9 kg now. I'm feeling good that I'm finding time for that.

I'm planning to spend money on buying a safe as well. Maybe I should make an account of my expenditure. But that would be drearily close to my father's practices.

Jul 3, 2005

The friend of the servant I suspected to be gay

I think it is official. The servant who was so feminine that you could tell him to be gay if he was a in Pope's dress has a friend who's even more feminine. He doesn't work in the hospital. I saw both of them coming to the ward one night. Both wore flashy dresses and the walking (the hips) gave them away.

I don't know if I should ask him if he's gay directly in his face.

Jul 1, 2005

Hierarchy and more

Even before I joined my residency here, I knew about the fact that everywhere other than down south where I hail from, the hierarchial system was very prevalent. Some of my seniors from back home have already suggested that I'm that kind of a person who wouldn't exactly relish this idea.

Yeah, right. I don't. But thesed days, it is really ridiculous.

I'm the kind of guy who systematizes everything around. So I am more like a geek who carries just about everything required for a doc in the wards in two bags and a lot of pouches. Apart from that I always keep spare pens just in case I would need them.

Since everyone knows this no one bothers to bring anything. They just ask for stuff from me. And don't even bother to say thanks. Forget returning them. This way I have lost/given about a dozen pens, a couple of measuring tapes and countless other things.

I guess you already know that I don't exactly dig it. But then, gotta live with it.