Jun 27, 2005

Irritating things

These are the most irritating things in my hospital life these days

  • #5 - Going out somewhere and being called back to hospital - even after getting permission to go
  • #4 - Explaining something to my co-houseman only to find out later that he was not even aware that I was standing in his field of gravitational forces.
  • #3 - Trying to finish some work while the phone keeps ringing and I'm the only one to pick it
  • #2 - Realizing that I forgot something just as I locked everything up in my room
  • #1 - Patient's farting when I'm doing their dressing

Randomly compiled actually, the numbers were just an after thought!

Jun 24, 2005

Unhappy with my dentist

I was chatting with May the other day and she asked me if my new dentist was a hot older man. If I were to say 'Yes' for an answer, I guess I would consider myself to be the luckiest man in the world right now.

You ask me why? Cuz my dentist sucks! It is a she to start with - she's old, and has these gross tremors whose frequency is somewhere in the high 10s. Besides, she does here stuff without gloves. What she does, I don't think it is proper. She is not maintaining the tension in the elastics that keep my teeth pushed in. Besides all this, she thinks that my braces can come off in two months. Oh my god, is the dream of having a great set of teeth almost out of question?

I talked to my previous dentists about this. They said that what my present dentist doing is not right and have asked me to talk to her about it. I guess I'll do that.

Meanwhile, what if the present dentist was good and was hot and old... Droool

Jun 22, 2005

Busy week... but...

This weekend was very heavy cuz of two reasons - One of the residents was on leave for his marriage. Secondly we had an emergency day on Sunday as well. But, I got to do my second major surgery - Wow, this one's big and the X-rays turned out to be excellent. Now I have started believing in myself. My seniors have noted that I'm much more skilled than how I should be. I hope they don't really suspect that I have been lying too much about what I have been doing in the past one year!

Jun 20, 2005

My nick craze

I don't consider myself to possess charms and take people over. But I consider that I'm in general good enough because of the way I don't let others feel down. Always cheerful. Get that?

In my first month, I was pretty depressed with the fact that I was not getting the respect of the staff (sisters and servants at the hospital). That has changed! Totally! There is something going on with my nick.

Another grounbreaking event in my blog - I'm going to reveal my real nick name - it is 'KK'. Yeah, Kay Kay. So, I'm known as KK, Dr. KK, Kakes and Kaykoo etc. This name is so popular now that almost everyone around knows my name and calls out when I pass. This is so conspicuous. I get called while none of the others (in my batch that is) don't even get acknowledged.

I did some research into why it is so. First of all, KK is a common name for heroes in Bollywood movies. Then, it is easy to remember. Whatever, it is fun!

Jun 18, 2005

Another movie day

It is sad on one aspect. I had to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith another time. But I watched in one of the plushest movies in Mumbai; at the IMAX at Wadala. This time it was a treat thrown by my registrar. The occasion being his birthday - It was awesome! Now I badly want to watch Batman Begins

Jun 15, 2005


I have read and heard about gays being sophisticated. But I thought I was a regular gay. Not too much sassy. One of my seniors thinks that I'm not so. He came into my room once, and he was surprised by the cleanliness. Well, it is not much. I just had a neat bed with folded clothes and washed clothes hanging in clothelines in coat-hangers etc. Plus I had a two boxes full of toileteries, an Iron and a room freshner. Oh, I almost forgot - I have about 7 accessory bags 5 pairs of footwear, an mp3 player, an mp3 CD players, an FM radio set etc.

Am I giving myself away? LOL, hell yeah!

Jun 13, 2005

Gayness in hospital

I guess I already wrote about my first ever GB event day last month. During that, I had met a guy who was so effeminate in his gestures and outfit that you could call him a gay just by looking at him. Since that was the first time I had been close to someone so effeminate, I was surprised as well.

Inside the hospital and nearabouts, I'm constantly looking for men to fantasize about. But honestly, not too many are there. But in that search, I have found these two men; one is a nurse, a male nurse that is who is pretty dumb to start with. He has this soft way of speaking and gestures almost reach feminine proportions. Then there is this servant who is so effeminate in everything he does that I think everyone knows that he's gay.

I don't know what to do with them? I mean, I don't know what to do when I'm with them. Should I hit on them? The male nurse is moderately hot. The servant isn't.

Jun 10, 2005

Entertainment here

The Creative Zen Micro is doing awesome. It is giving me plenty of good music during those wee hours in the late nights when I have to do routine ward works. Then, I went to see two movies over the past two weeks - 'D' (Hindi) and 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. I thought that 'D' was about 2.5 to 3 star and 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' was about 3.5 star (out of five).

Then, I'm getting to roam about in my scooter/bike for these movies etc. The only other source of entertainment is the newspapers. I read Mumbai Mirror daily and TOI almost daily.

Jun 7, 2005

The not-so-good parts

Life in Mumbai while being a resident in a government medical college is not without bad things. Bad things that I really feel that I shouldn't be subjected to. I'll write a bit about those.

Every morning, I'm having to eat a particular snack/breakfast (specific to Mumbai I guess) called Bun Muska. Well, it is actually prononced as 'Ban Maska'. It is nothing but a regular Bun which is sliced and butter is put inside. I love it. There isn't anything else at that time in the morning which is good to eat and available in a jiffy. Ergo, I eat three of those with a cup ot tea as breakfast.

On most days, I carry with myself 2 - 4 sandwiches made up of Butter and Mixed fruit jam. That keeps my hunger at bay. It really helps in doing my work without much of a problem.

Add to it, I eat Unhealthy food during dinner. Sometimes I end up eating a couple of eggs and masala/chicken dishes with a lot of oil.

I guess you are getting to what I'm getting at. To add another layer of fat_tummy_lard into it, I don't get time to sleep, forget exercise. What does it all lead to? I'm getting out of shape. Not that I'm putting on weight on my waistline, but it is not looking good. And my arms are starting to look like those of a cockroach (after you shave them that is).

Muahhaha... I don't like it. But having said that, there is no shit that can be done about it.

Jun 2, 2005

My first major

I'm very happy to announce that amongst the freshers in my institution, I am the first one to do a major surgery! That happened on Tuesday. Although my unit mates yet don't know the fact that I've had experience in this sort of thing, they might have noticed that I didn't feel as nervous or as excited as someone doing their first surgery.